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Arts & Entertainment Students compete at MAD Fest Celebration at Rabun Gap

Alexis Lewis of Franklin, Elsa Landis of Rabun Gap and Avery Lumsden of Sautee, won first place for Dance with “Youth.”The stars were shining bright in the Rearden Theater Saturday night, April 13, as Rabun Gap hosted the 16th annual MAD Fest competition. The acronym MAD is a salute to Rabun Gap’s Fine Arts Department: "M" for music, both vocal and instrumental; "A" for art, visual and industrial; and "D" for drama, dance and dramatic reading.

Student performers auditioned Friday night for the privilege to perform in Saturday night’s show. Competition was fierce and Saturday night's performance showcased Rabun Gap's exceptionally talented students.

Best of Show for performing arts went to a vocal group — Gemma Davis, Tabitha Dowdle, Sabrina Holley, Georgia Kirkland, Eileen Lane, Meghan Mumford, Anna Cole Rickman, and Saorise Scott for “Dog Days are Over."

2013 MAD Fest Winners

Performing Arts:

Winning Best in Show and first in the Vocal category with “Dog Days Are Over,” were (L-R, back) Eileen Lane, Sabrina Holley, Georgia Kirkland, Meghan Mumford, Tabitha Dowdle and Anna Cole Rickman; (kneeling) Saoirse Scott and Gemma Davis.Best in Show: "Dog Days are Over," Gemma Davis (Highlands, N.C.), Tabitha Dowdle (Franklin, N.C.), Sabrina Holley (Hiram, Ga.), Georgia Kirkland (Columbia, S.C.), Eileen Lane (Atlanta, Ga.), Meghan Mumford (Atlanta, Ga.), Anna Cole Rickman (Dillard, Ga.), and Saorise Scott (Otto, N.C.).

Vocal Category

1. "Dog Days Are Over," Gemma Davis (Highlands, N.C.), Tabitha Dowdle (Franklin, N.C.), Sabrina Holley (Hiram, Ga.), Georgia Kirkland (Columbia, S.C.), Eileen Lane (Atlanta, Ga.), Meghan Mumford (Atlanta, Ga.), Anna Cole Rickman (Dillard, Ga.), and Saorise Scott (Otto, N.C.)

2. "Mother Knows Best," Anna Cole Rickman (Dillard, Ga.)

3. "Stars," Austin Solesbee (Sautee Nacoochee, Ga.)

Instrumental Ensemble

1. "Last Carnival," Diane Park (South Korea), Kira Ge (China), Jennifer Chang (Taiwan), Sandra Chung (South Korea)

Winning second in Instrumental Ensemble with “Poppin’ Tags,” were Esther Park, violin; Andrew Skinner, sax; Clayton Moore, bass; David Lee, drums; and Daylon Holland, lead guitar.2. "Poppin Tags," Andrew Skinner (Clayton, Ga.), David Lee (South Korea), Esther Park (Daly City, Calif.), Clayton Moore (Tiger, Ga.), Daylon Holland (Franklin, N.C.)

Instrumental Solo:

1. "Chopin Valse," Minseok Jeon (South Korea)

2. "I Remember Clifford," Trevor Nichols (Lakemont, Ga.)


1. German Wheel - David Perrin (Mountain Rest, S.C.)


1. "Youth," Elsa Landis (Rabun Gap, Ga.), Alexis Lewis (Franklin, N.C.), Avery Lumsden (Sautee, Ga.)


1. "Who's On First," Wolf Reichard (Clarkesville, Ga.) & Bradleigh Miller (Franklin, N.C.)

Visual Arts:

2-Dimensional Art Drawing: First Place - Sharon Chang (Taiwan); Second Place - Matthew Payero (Corona, N.Y.); Third Place - Jane Dinh (Vietnam); Honorable Mention - Danny Huang (Taiwan).

2-Dimensional Design: First Place - Angelica Phillips (Atlanta, Ga.); Second Place - Sarah Barr (Franklin, N.C.); Third Place - Kayla Bowers (Fern Park, Fla.); Honorable Mentions - Zoe Johnson (Cartersville, Ga.), Brittany Souder (Nassau, Bahamas).

2-Dimensional Painting: First Place - Jovana Kuljanin (Serbia); Second Place - Emily-Ann Trautman (Rabun Gap, Ga.); Third Place - Matt Duelfer (Franklin, N.C.); Honorable Mention - Zebra Zhang (China).

3-Dimensional: First Place - Chelsey Willoughby (Dahlonega, Ga.); Second Place - Sharon Luo (China); Third Place - Caroline Moore (Tiger, Ga.); Honorable Mention - Mega.n McDonough (Dillard, Ga.).

Middle School 2-Dimensional: First Place - Abbey Siek (Franklin, N.C.); Second Place - Isabella Mo (China); Third Place - Natalie Jump (Rabun Gap, Ga.); Honorable Mentions - Ben Avery (Highlands, N.C.), Lina Choi (South Korea), Katelyn VanderWoude (Franklin, N.C.).

Middle School 3-Dimensional: First Place - Anna Armfield (Franklin, N.C.); Second Place - Jamie Walsh (Scaly Mountain, N.C.); Third Place - Jamie Walsh (Scaly Mountain, N.C.); Honorable Mentions - Mike Ji (China), Abbey Siek (Franklin, N.C.).

Industrial Arts and Technology:

Metalwork: First Place - Jackson Fan (Rabun Gap, Ga.); Second Place - Phil Bell (Columbia, S.C.); Third Place - Sam Gish (Sarasota, Fla.); Honorable Mentions - Tyler Stevenson (Franklin, N.C.), Duka Kovacevic (Serbia), Slayton Campbell (Atlanta, Ga.), Soren Christiansen (Rabun Gap, Ga.), Will McDonough (Dillard, Ga.).

Woodwork: First Place - Pallas Kunaiyi-Akpanah (Nigeria); Second Place - Sabrina Holley (Hiram, Ga.); Third Place - Jim Armfield (Franklin, N.C.); Honorable Mention - David Benitez (Cashiers, N.C.).

Anthology Awards:

First Place: “Lonesome in Company,” Parul Rochwani (Helen, Ga.)

Second Place: “Redneck,” Jacob Sterrett (Franklin, N.C.)

Third Place: “Internal Pandemonium,” Sydney Lyons (Lakemont, Ga.)

Prose Award: The Garden We Shared: A Ghost’s Story, Analeila Rodriguez (Orlando, Fla.)

Staff Award: “Inspiration from a Tennis Ball,” Ruby Burke (Blairsville, Ga.)


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