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Key to manage five departments and 96 employees.

Several veteran public administration officials in Macon County, including Wilma Anderson and Evelyn Southard, decided to retire or leave their positions with the county in 2011. This left county manager Jack Horton scrambling to fill the huge void left by their absences. When Macon County lost its emergency services director, Warren Cabe, to the Town of Franklin last summer, Horton did not have to worry too much about finding a viable replacement for him.

On Thursday, Dec. 22, Macon County announced the hiring of David Key, who has served as interim director of Macon County’s Emergency Management Services since early August 2011, to officially replace former EMS Director, Warren Cabe.


The American Red Cross and Delta Air Lines are partnering during the months of January, February and March for the “Runway Getaway” promotion. All presenting volunteer donors in the months of January, February and March will be entered into a regional drawing for one of three pairs of domestic roundtrip tickets courtesy of Delta Air Lines.


Consumers’ access to essential dietary supplements is at risk of being taken away. Under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994, the government gave individual manufacturers the control of developing and distributing dietary supplements. The DSHEA is now being challenged and if new laws become effective, dietary supplements will become subject to regulations and several products may become eliminated all together.

Bill Abraham and Sandy Ochsner, owners of Mountain Valley Health Foods in Franklin, are opposed to the new regulations because they believe it is taking away a basic right. “The worst part about the new regulations is they are trying to take away our right to choose,” said Ochsner. “We can choose to go out and buy things like beer and cigarettes, but they are trying to regulate what natural products we have access to.”


MedWest Health System is seeking patients treated recently in its Emergency Departments to serve as part of a new Patient Advisory Council.

Individuals who have been patients during the past 90 days in the Emergency Departments of MedWest-Haywood, MedWest-Harris or MedWest-Swain are invited to volunteer for the Council, which is designed to address ways to continue to improve emergency services. Former patients will join healthcare providers and MedWest staff on the Council.


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