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News Car chase ends in crash

A car crash at the intersection of Wayah Street and Depot Street was the result of a brief police chase. Wade Russell Oliver, Jr., 27, of Franklin, tried to evade police Thursday evening, Sept. 1, in a white pickup truck.

Police report that Oliver was driving left of center and recklessly. Officer Dereck Jones stated that he was in the area between Hot Spot and the Mulligans Bar and Grill parking lot when a white pickup truck came at him on the wrong side of the street. Jones had to pull off the road and watched as the pickup truck raced past going from one side of the road to the other.

Jones said that the driver, later identified as Oliver, ran a couple of other vehicles out of the road as well. When Jones initiated pursuit of Oliver, Oliver sped up, trying to get away from police. Jones said that Oliver sped up to at least 80mph. In his report, Jones noted that Oliver “failed to stop for lights and sirens.”

Oliver was going too fast when he tried to make the corner at the junction of Wayah and Depot Street and locked his car down and crashed his car between the light and the power pole. After the crash Oliver tried to run away on foot but was soon overtaken by officers. According to Jones, Oliver was extremely combative and resisted arrest.

Oliver was not injured in the accident, but received minor treatment for the tase that he received when another officer tried to make him cooperate.

Jones states that Oliver was “highly intoxicated, belligerent, and combative.” Officers also recovered a minor amount of cocaine in Oliver’s possession. Oliver did admit to drinking before getting into the vehicle. Police are still waiting on lab reports to show exactly what was in Oliver’s system at the time of the incident.

When deputies questioned Oliver as to where he got the pickup truck, he told deputies that he “borrowed it.” Jones said he regarded Oliver’s statement as very suspicious because in his opinion, it was unlikely anyone would let a person borrow their vehicle in the condition that Oliver was in. Jones’ suspicions proved to be correct. A woman called dispatch after the incident and reported that her pickup truck had been stolen. She was able to describe the vehicle well enough to prove that the pickup truck in question was hers.

While Deputy Thomas Tenhagen was transporting Oliver to the Macon County detention center, Oliver continued to be combative. Tenhagen said that Oliver “freed himself from the seat belt and began kicking the back window of the patrol car,” Tenhagen had to stop the car and subdue Oliver.

“The officer left Franklin High School after a JV game and passed a vehicle that ran off the road,” said Macon County Sheriff Robert Holland. “After officers arrested him, he proceeded to kick out the windows but was ultimately tased ... I am glad nobody was injured. He made the choice to drink and drive and he is facing the consequences.”

Oliver was charged with one count of driving while impaired, one count of driving without a license, one count of careless/reckless driving, one count of injury to personal property, three counts of resisting a public officer, and one count of possession. Oliver was detained with a secured bond of $20,000. Oliver is due in court Sept. 22.

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