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News Most asked voter questions

I am registered unaffiliated. May I vote in a primary election?


Can Unaffiliated voters vote in any Party primary?

The Democrat and Republican parties allow unaffiliated voters to vote in their Party Primary Elections. The Unaffiliated Voter may choose one party's ballot or they may choose to vote a Non-Partisan Ballot. Voting a party ballot will not change the voter’s party affiliation.

When are the polls open?

On Election Day, the polls are open from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

When is the Primary Election?

Tuesday, May 8th.

How do I know where to vote? 

When you register to vote or make an address change or information change, you will receive a voter verification card. Your precinct and polling place location is printed on the card. You are assigned a polling place based on where you live.

Do I have to have my voter card to vote?

No. you do not need your voter registration card to vote. You will state your name and address (and party affiliation if it is a Primary).

I drive by a polling place on my way to work. Can I just vote there?

You should vote at your designated polling place on Election Day. Your name will be on the list of voters verified to vote in that precinct.

I am at the wrong polling place, what do I do?

On Election Day, you should vote in your assigned precinct in order to make sure you receive a ballot that contains all races for which you are eligible to vote. You may be required to vote a provisional ballot.

Do I have to request an Absentee Ballot for each Election?


How do I request an Absentee Ballot?

Absentee ballot requests MUST be made in writing or in person, and must include the following information:

  • Voter’s name
  • Voter’s current residence address
  • Voter’s date of birth
  • Address where ballot should be mailed (if different from the residence address)
  • A daytime phone number (in case we have questions or need additional information)
  • Voter’s signature

May I request an absentee ballot by phone or email?

No. Your request must be in writing and mailed or hand-delivered

Do I have to show my ID at the polls?

No. The North Carolina State Board of Election and General Statutes do not require you, at this time, to show ID in order to vote.

I heard that if I vote absentee by mail or at an early voting site, then my vote may not get counted. Is that true?

NO. Your vote will be counted on Election Day along with all other ballots cast.

Where can I vote early for upcoming elections?

One-Stop voting is located at the Board of Elections Office, which is located on the 1st floor of the Macon County Courthouse.

Who can vote at an early voting site?

Any eligible Macon County voter may vote.

When does early voting start for the Primary Election?

Thursday, April 19th.

Can I change my party affiliation at an early voting site?

No. Registered voters must submit changes to party affiliation by the registration deadline (25 days before Election Day). Name or address changes can be processed at early voting sites.

Who determines the order of the candidates listed on the ballot?

The State Board of Elections and General Statutes Determines the Name Order on the Ballot.


Source: Macon County Board of Elections


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