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News Incumbents win; Amendment One passes

Kevin CorbinMacon County citizens headed to the polls on Tuesday and voted to run all three county commissioners up for re-election on the ballot in November. According to the unofficial results, incumbents Jimmy Tate (R- District I), Kevin Corbin (R-District II), and Bobby Kuppers (D-District III) each beat out their challengers in the primary and will run for re-election in November. Corbin and Tate will likely run unopposed.

“I am truly humbled by it all and honored to be selected to represent the Democratic party in November's election,” said incumbent Bobby Kuppers, who anxiously waited election results at the Macon County courthouse Tuesday night. Kuppers beat out challenger Ricky Snyder in a 2,260 to 696 vote. “Our current board works extremely well together and I am absolutely thrilled that all of the incumbents made it through together. I want to congratulate Kevin Corbin and Jimmy Tate on their well deserved victories as well.”

Of the 24,365 registered voters in Macon County, 8,561 or just over 35 percent showed up at the polls, which is considerably high for a primary election in which the presidential race is already set.

“It is a big day for Macon County,” said Kuppers. “Voter turnout was tremendous and I am proud of Macon County for showing up to vote and it is encouraging to know that so many people care and are invested in this county.”

Bobby KuppersThe closest race for the primary election was in District I Highlands. Incumbent Jimmy Tate trailed Steve Higdon by more than 100 votes until the results for the Highlands District came in at about 9:30 p.m. Of the 496 votes cast for either candidate in Highlands, Tate took 455 leaving him with a total of 2,270 to Higdon’s 2,017.

“I am extremely excited and honored to have been given the opportunity to represent Macon County on the Board of Commissioners for the rest of the year and after November, hopefully another two years,” said Tate. “I am thankful for everyone who turned out to vote and excited that the other two incumbents won their primaries as well. I hope that is an indication that the people of Macon County are satisfied with the work we are doing and I am looking forward to continuing my service.”

In District II incumbent and current Chairman Kevin Corbin defeated challenger Vic Drummond. In a landslide 3,302 votes to Drummond's 1,304 votes.

“We were very happy with the outcome of the vote. I was personally very happy with the turnout in Macon County for the election, a larger group of voters always speak louder,” said Corbin. “We were a bit surprised by our margin of victory, but a lot of that credit goes to my campaign committee. We had a campaign committee of 20 men and women of all ages and background experiences. They gave me phenomenal advice and help. They were a brilliant group and we could not have been this successful without that advisory committee. Lastly, more importantly, I want to thank my immediate family and especially my wife and partner in life, Beth Corbin. Folks who know us well, realize that I could not function without her. She has gifted insight and is a very smart lady.”

Jimmy TateCorbin believes that running for re-election serves as an evaluation of how he is currently doing in office. “As an incumbent, you realize that a vote is very much about folks view of your actual service and the functioning of the entire board, not just about how you campaign about what you “might” do,” he said. “I am happy to to have gotten what seems to be a vote of confidence.”

According to Corbin, running for public office is not easy and he appreciates and respects his opponent. “I would like to recognize my opponent for running a good race,” said Corbin. “Obviously we do not agree on some issues, but I respect his opinion and willingness to put his name in the race.”

Unless an independent garners enough signatures to be put on the ballot in November, Corbin and Tate will run unopposed while Kuppers heads to the General Election being challenged by Republican Paul Hidgon.

Voters throughout the 11th Congressional District selected Hayden Rogers (DBrasstown) and Mark Meadows (R-Cashiers) to square off in November for the seat vacated by Democrat Heath Shuler's retirement.

Rogers, of Brasstown, has unofficially won the Democratic Primary, beating out his challenger, Cecil Bothwell after earning nearly 56 percent of the vote, while Bothwell garnered around 30 percent and Tom Hill of Hendersonville received around 13 percent. In Macon County, Rogers received an outstanding 68.49 percent of the votes.

Commissioner Bobby Kuppers talks about the outcome of the election with WNCC-96.7 DJ Keith Giles at the Macon County Courthouse. Photo by Betsey Gooder“I am tremendously humbled and honored to have received the Democratic nomination for the 11th Congressional District today,” said Rogers Tuesday night. “This is just the first step in our effort to continue moving Western North Carolina forward. Over the coming months I look forward to continuing to share our campaign’s message about the need for leadership in Congress that is practical and committed to finding commonsense solutions to the challenges we face as a nation. While others in this race are trying to pull this country to the right and left, I am committed to moving it forward.”

Meadows, of Cashiers, beat out eight other candidates to unofficially win the Republican Primary with 38 percent of the vote; Vance Patterson was the next closest contender with 23.62 percent of the vote.

Meadows and Patterson might meet again because Meadows was unable to secure 40 percent of the votes required to avoid a runoff, but it is left up to Patterson to call for a runoff.

Amendment One, which has received national attention, passed in North Carolina on Tuesday night. The amendment to the state’s constitution is intended to define legal marriage as between a man and woman only, but opponents have suggested that the amendment may result in legal ramifications for all unmarried couples regardless of their sexual orientation.

The amendment passed with 61 percent of voters casting votes for the amendment, and 38.96 percent voting against the measure. Macon County residents cast 6,3777 votes for Amendment One and 2,068 against it.

North Carolina joined every other state in the South to implement a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

Unofficial election results

Macon County

Board of Commissioners - District 3
Bobby Kuppers (DEM)
76.45% 2,260
Ricky Snyder (DEM)
23.55% 696

District 2
Vic Drummond (REP)
28.31% 1,304
Kevin Corbin (REP)
71.69% 3,302

District 1
Steve Higdon (REP)
47.05% 2,017
Jim Tate (REP)
52.95% 2,270

Amendment One – Macon County
For 75.51% 6,377
Against 24.49% 2,068

Amendment One — Statewide
For 61.04% 1,303,893
Against 38.96% 832,283

Statewide Results

Presidential Preference
Barack Obama (DEM)
79.20% 759,483
No Preference (DEM)
20.80% 199,426
Newt Gingrich (REP)
7.64% 73,875
Ron Paul (REP)
11.08% 107,103
Mitt Romney (REP)
65.68% 634,842
Rick Santorum (REP)
10.38% 100,381
No Preference (REP)
5.21% 50,408
Roger Gary (LIB)
7.76% 639
R. J. Harris (LIB)
7.36% 606
Gary Johnson (LIB)
17.99% 1,481
Carl Person (LIB)
3.28% 270
Bill Still (LIB)
2.66% 219
Lee Wrights (LIB)
4.00% 329
No Preference (LIB)
56.95% 4,689

US House of Representatives District 11
Tom Hill (DEM)
14.19% 8,942
Hayden Rogers (DEM)
55.73% 35,126
Cecil Bothwell (DEM)
30.09% 18,963
Susan Harris (REP)
6.15% 5,765
Jeff Hunt (REP)
14.09% 13,211
Mark Meadows (REP)
37.90% 35,533
Vance Patterson (REP)
23.62% 22,148
Chris Petrella (REP)
0.82% 767
Kenny West (REP)
4.21% 3,946
Ethan Wingfield (REP)
11.30% 10,599
Spence Campbell (REP)
1.91% 1,787

NC House of Representatives District 120
Mike Edwards (REP)
25.87% 2,758
Roger West (REP)
74.13% 7,901

Governor of North Carolina
Jim Harney (REP)
2.94% 26,246
Scott A. Jones (REP)
3.46% 30,880
Jim Mahan (REP)
3.34% 29,787
Pat McCrory (REP)
83.45% 743,891
Charles Kenneth Moss (REP)
1.54% 13,685
Paul Wright (REP)
5.27% 46,982

NC Lieutenant Governor
Eric L. Mansfield (DEM)
43.90% 378,601
Linda D. Coleman (DEM)
56.10% 483,870
Dale Folwell (REP)
24.27% 185,522
Dan Forest (REP)
32.95% 251,873
Tony Gurley (REP)
24.85% 189,937
Grey Mills (REP)
14.66% 112,056
Arthur Jason Rich (REP)
3.27% 25,015


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