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News Ervin reappointed to Planning Board

Susan ErvinPatterson appointed as newest member

The Macon County Board of Commissioners filled two vacancies on the Planning Board during Tuesday night’s meeting.

After the Board of Commissioners approved new three year term limits for the Planning Board in February, two members of the Planning Board faced expinning terms on April 23, 2012. After years of service on the board, both Susan Ervin’s and Mark West's terms expired last month, and both members submitted applications for reappointment.

West, who has served on the Planning Board for numerous years and served Macon County as a former County Commissioner, originally submitted an application for reappointment, but after being informed that seven other individuals had also submitted applications for the volunteer board, told commissioners that he wanted to withdraw his application.

“I have enjoyed having the opportunity serve on the Planning Board but believe that because so many other citizens have submitted applications, it would be best at this time to withdraw my application,” said West. “The members of the board and those who have applied are qualified individuals and will be great representatives for the Planning Board. In the future, I hope to have the opportunity to serve on the Planning Board again.”

“Thank you for your dedication and service to the citizens of Macon County and for your work on the Planning Board,” said Commissioner Kevin Corbin. “Mr. West, you are a gentlemen and a scholar.”

Ervin, who has served on the Planning Board for 12 years, addressed commissioners and informed them that if she was afforded the opportunity to serve on the Planning Board for another three years we would continue to be an advocate for rural lands, rural environment and rural communities, while working with other members of the Planning Board to hold the future of Macon County as a top priority.

Commissioner Ronnie Beale noted that while working with Ervin as both a former member of the Planning Board and in his current role as County Commissioner, he has never known her to not be willing to compromise for the good of Maconians. “Although Ervin is not afraid to speak her mind on controversial issues, I have never known of a time where she refused to compromise in order to reach the best end result,” said Beale. “I am very proud of what she and all the members have done and worked to accomplish for Macon County.”

When being asked by Commissioner Corbin if she would be willing to approach another term on the Planning Board in a civil, common sense, level-head approach, Ervin replied, “I believe that is the only right way to do things.” Peggy Patterson, owner and operator of Patterson Realty, Inc., addressed commissioners and said that as a fifth generation Maconian, she would bring diversity and experience to the Planning Board.

“Having sold real-estate in Macon County since 1973, there are very few pieces of land in the county that I have not been on or sold once or twice at some point over the years,” said Patterson. “I think the Planning Board needs people who know this land as I do. I love Macon County a lot. I couldn't be where I am today if it was not for the people of Macon County, if it was not for the board and the people in this county. I want to serve on the Planning Board to give back to the community which has given me so much.”

When being asked by Commissioner Corbin if she would be willing to approach another term on the planning board in a civil, common sense, level-head approach, Patterson responded, “Of course. Everyone has a different opinion and you have to listen and be openminded and make decisions based on what is best for the majority.”

“I believe that Diversity is important and the Planning Board and the work they do in this county is very important,” said Commissioner Haven. “I have put a lot of consideration into this and I would like to make the motion to reappoint Ervin and to appoint Patterson to the Planning Board.”

On a motion made by Commissioner Haven and seconded by Vice-Chair Bobby Kuppers, the Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to appoint Ervin and Patterson to a three year term on the Planning Board.

As liaison to the Planning Board, Commissioner Jimmy Tate noted that he was excited to work with both Ervin and Patterson to begin the next step in planning for Macon County.


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