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News Macon man subdued after threatening suicide

Mark Anthony MedlockAn apparently inebriated Macon County man was subdued by Sheriff’s deputies last Monday, while in a fit of rage.

At approximately 10 p.m., Officer Stephanie Robbins received a call from Mark Anthony Medlock, 51, who was threatening to end his life. As Robbins made her way to the location of the call, she was advised by dispatch that the caller was armed with a rifle, according to her report.

Once Robbins and fellow officer Anthony Hopkins arrived at the scene, they noticed Medlock standing on the porch with a rifle in his right hand and a kitchen knife in his left hand. The two deputies took cover behind another car parked in the driveway of the residence. They commanded him to put down the gun and remain calm.

“He proceeded to advise us to shoot him,” read Robbins’ report. “We advised him that we didn’t want to shoot him, we were there to help him.” At that point, Medlock reportedly said that if they didn’t comply, that he would shoot them. Sergeant A.C. Stahl then arrived to assist at a secondary driveway.

While the officers remained behind cover and continued to persuade Medlock to put the gun down, Deputy Lynn Dulakis then arrived and joined officers Robbins and Hopkins. According to the report, Medlock had pointed his rifle at the officers several times while threatening to shoot them. “He also made the statement that, somebody is going to die tonight,” read the report.

At that time, Sgt. Stahl took Robbins’ Tazer and then ran from their position back to his patrol car. While doing so, Medlock reportedly aimed his rifle at Stahl and threatened him once again.

Stahl made his way to the back of the residence at that point, and according to the report, was let in by Medlock’s wife. Then, the other officers managed to talk Medlock into putting down his weapons on the banister of the porch. At that time, Stahl emerged from the front door and deployed the Tazer on Medlock in his back as the other officers kept his attention.

The officers then apprehended Medlock, who reportedly tried to resist arrest upon being handcuffed. After being secured in a patrol car, officers discovered Medlock had actually been wielding a pellet rifle. “Of course at 10 o’clock at night in the dark, you don’t know that long barreled gun is a pellet gun,” said Sheriff Robert Holland.

Medlock was eventually transported to Angel Hospital for medical evaluation.

Medlock is currently in custody and is being held on a $20,000 secured bond. He has been charged with assaulting and resisting a public officer and assault with a deadly weapon on a government official. According to Holland, additional charges may be forthcoming.


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