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News FHS students suspended for so-called senior prank

Spray painting the school parking lot was one of the infractions that caused the suspension of the students involved in a senior prank last Wednesday night.Last Thursday, school officials arrived on the Franklin High School campus to find that overnight the school had fallen victim to a senior prank.

Franklin High School Principal Dr. Chris Baldwin said school officials are continuing to investigate a senior prank at the school.

According to reports, picnic tables were stacked on top of each other in a pyramid, windows were covered in paint, spray paint was found on various sidewalks and parking lots, among other things. “There was some graffiti on the sidewalks, grass and one building,” said Dr. Baldwin. “Several windows had window paint on them. A cardboard box was burned in the student parking lot. Solo cups, silly string, and newspapers were found in the main building. The prank was basically confined to the commons area and main building.”

Dr. Baldwin said Franklin High School administration is investigating the incident along with the involvement of the School Resource Officers. Officials are reviewing security camera footage to identify the students involved. “We are still gathering information from students, surveillance footage, Facebook, and other social media,” said Dr. Baldwin.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Jim Duncan said that there did not appear to be any forcible entry into the school. “It is especially disappointing to think that an adult with access to the school allowed students to access the building or had knowledge of the prank and failed to stop it,” said Duncan. “There does not appear to be any forcible entry. It is very disappointing to think someone allowed this to happen. What they may not have realized or thought about is the serious implications that could have occurred in the event of an injury. There would have been serious consequences.”

According to Duncan, the matter is being handled internally and he is trusting in Dr. Baldwin to take appropriate disciplinary action based on policies in place at the high school.

Dr. Baldwin noted that it is difficult to know the exact number of students involved in the prank, but to date, there have been multiple suspensions as a result of students' involvement. “Students have been suspended based upon their actions,” said Dr. Baldwin. “All students will walk at graduation, unless additional information arises. At this point, all disciplinary actions will be limited to those taken by Franklin High School. No charges are pending.”

"I am always disappointed when I hear of these things," said Dr. Duncan. "I wish that the students would think about using that energy and doing something positive with it. They should think about their actions and want to do positive things to make an impact as a senior class."

The school property was cleaned up on Thursday and school continued as normal.


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