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News Community Macon Bank’s columns restored

Restoring wood columns and make them more weather resistant is tedious work.The Macon Bank building recently underwent minor reconstruction on its columns with new, “smart” paint.

Brandon Marks and his crew, from Brandon Marks’ Painting, along with Lohr Construction, spent time remodeling the columns of the Macon Bank building last month. The wooden columns were in bad shape, and were rotting from the weather.

Marks said that the bank was spending a lot of money to have the columns repainted every three or four years, so he offered them an alternative: A new polymer paint. The paint is called a “IES thermal coating” or an “elastomeric ceramic polymer.” It is made out of 100% recycled material, so it is environment friendly. It is also water and air tight and can hold up a lot longer to the weather. Marks said that most of the buildings that he paints can be warrantied for as much as 25 years. He also said that the coat that they applied to the Macon Bank columns would last for about 10 years and all he would have to do is come back and put a single coat over it and it would last another 10 or 15 years.

In 1985, Franklin’s main branch of Macon Bank moved into the new colonial-style building located in the heart of downtown Franklin. Three years later in June 25, 1988, during a severe electrical storm, the building was struck by lightning and completely destroyed. Macon Savings Bank never missed an hour of service. The drive-thru lanes were kept open and other operations were moved to the Maple Street location until the structure was rebuilt, which took about a year. Since that time it has had no major reconstruction, just a fresh painting and minor work every few years. Now with the new paint, not only will it last longer, saving money, but the paint will waterproof the columns, saving them from any further weather damage.

There are other reasons that people might consider this new paint. This new form of coating is ideal for hospitals because the “Bio- Shield Interior Coating” has a antimicrobial agent that kills any surface bacteria and pathogens. Homeowners can also benefit from using it. Using the polymer paint carries a tax incentive with it and applying it to a roof can save the homeowner 15% heating and cooling costs on average. This is possible because the “ceramic microbeads” reflect the sun’s heat away from the house and back into the atmosphere, thereby cutting down on cooling costs.


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