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News Community ‘Last Chance’ group saves animals from euthanasia

‘Tough Guy’ calendars raise funds for ‘Last Chance.’

Every year, countless stray dogs and cats are euthanized in Macon County, and despite their best efforts, organizations like Macon County Animal Control and the Humane Society can barely make a dent in the numbers.

However, with the help of some organizations such grim numbers are becoming greatly reduced. German Angel, of Franklin, says that stray pets do not have to die needlessly.

“The name of the game is animal rescue,” said Angel of the Homeless Pet Clubs (HPC) organization, of which he is a member. “And that’s what we work to do. There are so many adoptable animals out there that are euthanized every year and we are keeping that from happening.”

So far their efforts have not been in vain. Since mid-September, as Angel and other HPC members began their campaign to rescue local stray pets, results can already be tallied. More than 150 animals have been adopted from Macon County Animal Control or the Humane Society.

In the last month, Angel reported that the organization has co-authored the adoption of 39 animals with the help of volunteers and the community, along with more than a hundred more since September.

But how can a handful of volunteers produce such results? Through their “Save A Life” program with Macon County Animal Control, HPC can sponsor pets for adoption and save them from euthanasia.

By sponsoring an adoptable animal for only $65, that animal receives a “no kill card,” and they receive all necessary shots and are spayed or neutered. To add to the package, the sponsored animal receives a month of food from Pedigree, a free photo session with Andrea Richards, a free grooming at a local spa and a free visit with a veterinarian Dr. Roy Lenzo.

“We are proud to say that since we have been running the adoption and these programs we have not had to euthanize an adoptable animal,” said Angel. “Our goal is to turn this into a model shelter to be copied by other shelters throughout the nation. The Homeless Pet Foundation is dedicating resources to spread the word and success of the shelter and demonstrate that other shelters can do the same.”

The HPC has positively impacted the local humane society as well.

“They are a very good organization,” said Lisa Bates, assistant manager of the Macon County Humane Society. “They took 18 animals that were held here for a year or two and transported them out of state to a sponsor … They are doing a wonderful job. Especially in keeping homeless animals from around here. We’re not at full capacity because of that reason. It has made a huge difference for the dogs of Macon County.”

To augment their efforts, HPC volunteers have put together their “Tough Guy with a Soft Side” calendar, with photos of community members, law enforcement and even martial artists. The calendar looks to promote the nobility of pet rescue.

One hundred percent of the profits from the sale of the calendar go to the Macon County Animal Control “Save A Life” program. The calendar displays the lives of animals that have been saved through this program.

“This calendar represents Franklin and Macon County in every aspect,” explained Angel of the calendar. “From the scenery to the wonderful people. We allowed members of the community to submit a photo of them with their pet and their photographs grace the cover page of the calendar. It’s extremely charming and speaks a lot about the people of Macon County.”

The calendars went on sale Dec. 15 at Macon County Animal Control and other community businesses at a cost of $7.50.

Through their Last Chance Homeless Pet Adoptions, HPC volunteers run physical adoptions at venues such as Wal- Mart, letting people know that the animals on display are at risk of being euthanized.

“The lives that are paying the price are the actual pets,” said German on Wednesday, lauding the strong community of Macon County for its continued support of animal adoption and rescue. “It’s been awesome response. We need the community and they’ve been out there spreading the word on their own. It’s amazing that they’ve gone out there and spread the word on their own. The community really deserves the credit. It takes a community to actually do something. I’m impressed.”


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