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News Community Third annual ‘Cold for a Cause’ hauls in loads for CareNet

Members of Franklin Young Professionals worked with Patrick Jenkins at this year’s ‘Cold for a Cause’ event. The group was on hand to help sort through the donations that were collected.While snow began to fall and temperatures continued to drop, Patrick Jenkins made good on his promise to spend 48 hours suspended 60 feet above Macon County in the name of the third annual ‘Cold for a Cause.’

“We had another successful year. Thanks to the people of Macon County dropping off items and supporting ‘Cold for a Cause’,” said Jenkins.

“It’s a great feeling to know that so many locals care about helping their fellow neighbors. Compassion is still alive in Franklin. Thank you, Patrick Jenkins for asking FYP to be a part of the event,” said Johnathan Dean.

Patrick Jenkins posed for a picture on top of the box he stayed in for 48 hours while suspended 60 feet above Macon County.Several members of the community volunteered to help Jenkins with his effort at this year’s event. Three Eagles Outfitters donated clothing and items to keep Jenkins warm throughout his stint above Macon County. Several area restaurants donated food and members of Franklin Young Professionals (FYP) were on hand to sort donated items and pass out hot chocolate and snacks to those stopping in to support the cause. “As a native to Macon County, that has so richly blessed my life, I was honored to help with Cold for a Cause; to hopefully in return bless a fellow citizen in need,” said FYP member, Jessica Jenkins.

Earlier this week, volunteers with CareNet were busy unloading the items that were donated, which included canned foods, coats, blankets and more. With items still being calculated, early figures showed that the event collected approximately 3,000 lbs in coats and blankets and 2,000 lbs of food items, which will be placed into inventory and then distributed to members of the community in need.

At this year’s event, members of the community donated 3,000 pounds of blankets and coats and 2,000 pounds of food items for the local relief agency CareNet. Photos by Vickie Carpenter“I thoroughly enjoyed volunteering at this event and enjoyed meeting citizens of Macon County that came thru with donations. We collected so much and had fun doing it,” said FYP volunteer, Erica Browning.

With another successful year behind him, Jenkins has already began planning next year’s event, and says that as long as he is physically able to continue climbing in the box for 48 hours to help his community, he plans to do it.


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