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News Community Rotary Club recognizes essay contest winners

Above are the winners for Rotary Club’s creative writing award at Mountain View Elementary. Students, from left are Morgan Bumgarner, Ariana Kimsey, Erica Myers and Celeste McCall.Read2Me partnered with the Rotary Club of Franklin to host a county-wide writing contest. This year's patriotic theme was broken up in to three different categories.

Students were able to participate in either the “Greatest President” or “If I were President” essay writing or the “When I am President” poetry writing categories. Winners were selected based on grade level, writing quality, content, and creativity.

All first place winners received $50 for their submissions, and the first place winner's classroom teacher also received $50 to go toward purchasing classroom supplies. All second place winners and their teachers each received a $25 prize.

The winners and their families were invited to attend lunch with the Rotary Club on Wednesday, May 1, as guests of honor to read their submissions. The Macon County News published two of the first place essays in last week’ issue. Following are the remaining winning essays.

America's Sixteenth President

By Makayla West - 1st place, Essay

On February 12, 1809, a great American leader was born in a very humble one bedroom cabin in central Kentucky. This child that would be 16th president of the United States of America was none other than the famed Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham had a job as a farmer and then a general store owner. Lincoln finally found his calling in politics, and after a rocky start, and becoming a lawyer he was elected to the Illinois General Assembly. As years went by he grew fond of his job as a lawyer. But, everything was about to change.

On Nov. 6, 1960 Lincoln was elected President of the United States of America. During his years as president of the United States of America he was fighting to abolish slavery. In his fight to abolish slavery he was very successful.

In 1861, during Mr. Lincoln's presidency a bloody war began between the Union of the North and the Confederacy of the South. Slavery and the preservation of the Union were the main ideals that started the Civil War. President Lincoln was a important leader in the eventual victory of the North and the returning of the seceded states of the south to return the United States of America to its former size.

On April 14, 1865 Mr. Lincoln was assassinated at 10:15. He was sitting in a theatre with Major Henry Rathbone, Clara Harris, and Mary Todd Lincoln. As they were talking a man named John Wilkes Booth came behind Lincoln and shot him in the back of his head. He was taken to Peterson House across the street from the theatre. Lincoln was in a coma for nine hours and then died the next day. A train took his body to Springfield, Illinois and that was where he was buried.

It is obvious that President Abraham Lincoln was a very important figure in American history. He cam from a very not wealthy family, and through hard work he became the highest government official in the country. A lot can be learned from America's sixteenth president, and he created a better future for the country that he loved so much.

I, The Great Green President

By Morgan Bumgarner - 1st place, Poem

Here I am in D.C.
Your president of the Green Party
Ready to make America
Happier and healthier
One step at a time.

Burgers, fries, and what might be beef
Health needs a makeover, stat!
Greasy nuggets, baby toys, and a smiley box
Do not mix.
Get rid of it. Just get rid of it.

Oh, if only there were more vegetarians
And a few more vegetarian restaurants
But some just can't afford it,
So lower tofu prices
Would be.

Just think about those poor animals
Caged up in a lab full of meds
Or being put to death
Just because there's no more room
In the place that they thought they'd be safe.

And maybe, just maybe,
We could take one day of the year
To go out and shake hands
With everyone that you can
Just to show a little kindness.

So come on, America!
This place can be better
If we try, not just for you,
not just for me, but for everyone!


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