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News Community Jordan Kimber an LBJ Job Corps success story

Jordan Kimber finished the welding program at LBJ Job Corps in a record four months, a task that usually takes six to eight months. Kimber has been accepted into an advanced training program in St. Louis.Jordan Kimber’s first contact with Job Corps came through a mutual friend in his hometown of Salisbury, N.C., who was a former Job Corps student that completed an advanced training program as a railroad operator. After getting rave reviews about Job Corps, Kimber decided to join.

“My friend said all the right things about Job Corps,” said Kimber. “I want to be the consummate individual. My goal is to complete my vocation, obtain my certifications, attend the advanced training program at St. Louis and finally enlist in the Air Force someday.”

“Jordan Kimber is one of those rare students who come into the program 100 percent focused and determined,” stated Marvin Ramsey, Liaison Specialist with the Lyndon Baines Johnson Job Corps. “Students like him set goals and see them through to the end. I wish we had more like him. However, I do understand that every student is different. Job Corps is a self-paced program, but more importantly, each student in the program eventually finds his or her way and ultimately goes on to graduate.”

During his first day of welding, Kimber asked his instructor (Frank Gunter) how long it will take for him to complete the program. Mr. Gunter insisted six to eight months. Soon after, Kimber challenged himself and instead of six to eight months, he set a benchmark of five months, yet, he completed the program in four.

“Not only did I complete welding in a few months, in the process I also prided myself on understanding the basics of welding, and soon developed a passion for the vocation,” said Kimber.

Kimber was recently accepted into the TCU/IAM Advanced Training Program in St. Louis, where he will gain advanced training in rail safety, FRA/AAR regulations, mechanical skills, welding, airbrakes and hazardous material handling.

Kimber’s advice to anyone who wants to join job corps to “Come in with a productive mindset, stay focused and take advantage of all the free certifications and abide by the rules.”

Lyndon B. Johnson Civilian Conservation Center is under the auspices of the U.S. Forest Service.


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