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Music Contest by Reesa Boyce

An important and wonderful part of my high school years, was the year I entered the state-wide music contest for the State of Wisconsin. This was encouraged and promoted by Mr. Goodrich, head of our music department. He was wonderful and we all loved him. He handpicked students and worked with them on their instruments or vocal selections. It would be a feather in his cap if any of us qualified, He was so kind, supportive and understanding. I remember the day we went for the competion. I carefully washed my hair the night before, and picked out my best outfit to wear. We all sat out in the hall way waiting for our turn to perform. We were all so nervous. When someone came out of the room we surrounded them asking what it was like. They said they were told not to say anything to any of us, but they rolled their eyes and smiled weakly. When I walked into that room my knees were shaking, thank goodness I was wearing a full skit with big crinolines (popular in the 1950s) that hid my extreme nervousness. There were five judges sitting at a long table, looking very serious. I took a deep breath, but once I sang the first note all went well. I was so glad to get it over, and left the room in a blur.


“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela

Courage is defined as the ability to do something that frightens you and on June 4, Macon County bus driver Alice Bradley was faced with the most courageous moment of her life. When facing two individuals armed with weapons on the campus of South Macon Elementary, Bradley didn't hesitate. She didn't run. She sprang into action with the thoughts of what would happen if the students scheduled to arrive shortly made it to campus while the gun-wielding couple was still at large. Alice Bradley exhibited a bravery and courage that even she didn't think was possible.


Students working to raise money for Liberty Bowl.

When the Franklin Panther Marching Regiment reached the top of Cowee Mountain Saturday night, they were greeted by members of the Macon County Sheriff's Office and Franklin Police Department for a police escort into town in recognition of their well deserved Grand Championship status.

The Franklin High School band traveled to South Carolina this past weekend to participate in the Landrum High School Tournament of Bands. After the long day, and being the only representative out of North Carolina competing against 12 bands, FHS rose victorious.


Facebook event has nearly 100 confirmed participants

For more than two years now residents of Franklin have been conspiring on a nearly monthly basis to mob locally owned businesses with cold hard cash. Dozens of residents congregate moments before swooping into a local business, with $20 cash in hand in hopes of giving the local shop a quick economic stimulus.

Last month mobsters met at the clock tower on Main Street before marching into April's Flowers and showering the shop with sales. The September mob not only provided the shop with a small economic boost, but it also raised needed funds for KIDS Place, a non-profit geared toward helping child victims of domestic violence and sexual assault as April Chastain, owner of April Flowers, donated 15 percent of the sales from September's mob to the business.


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