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News Education FHS students will have new dress code

With tax-free weekend kicking off on Friday, parents will be given the perfect opportunity to do some shopping for a new wardrobe for Macon County students. When school starts on Aug. 9, students at Franklin High School will be closely monitored to ensure they are in compliance with a new set of rules for the school's dress code.

According to Franklin High School Principal Chris Baldwin, the changes will ensure an overall better learning environment for all students. “These changes were necessary for three reasons,” said Baldwin. “First, the faculty, staff, students, and parents of Franklin High School expect our students to have the opportunity to learn in a safe and healthy environment. There is research to support the fact that school dress codes have a positive impact on the learning environment. We also expect our students to exhibit good taste and wholesome behavior befitting of the Franklin community. Finally, student styles of dress are constantly changing and updates to our dress code are necessary on a regular basis.”

Baldwin stated that overall, the feedback he has received has been positive. “By and large, the comments that I have received have been positive,” he said. “However, most of the comments have come from parents. While many students have had questions or concerns, most understand that the dress code needed to be updated and many of their concerns were due to misinformation regarding the new policy.”

According to the school's new policy, clothing must be able to pass the “card” test in order to be appropriate for school. A driver's license, ID card or debit card are all acceptable cards that can be used for self-checking a student's attire.

Shirts: The card must cover any exposed skin between the shirt and base of the neck. No sleeveless shirts will be permitted to be worn. Students' shirts may not be strapless or have any open back (partial or whole). Shirts may not be see-through.

Shorts: A card placed vertically from the bottom of the shorts must reach the top of the knee in order to be worn to school. Shorts must be worn securely around the waist and cannot show undergarments. Holes will not be allowed above the knee in any shorts. According to the policy, “bermuda” style shorts are recommended.

Pants: The new dress code mandates that pants are only allowed to have open holes below the knees. Skin should not be seen above the knee. Leggings are not permitted to be worn underneath pants to camouflage holes. Pants are expected to be worn at the waist and cannot show undergarments. Capri pants are acceptable. Leggings, pajamas, and/or fleece material pants are not allowed.

Skirts/Dresses: Skirts and dresses are required to pass the same card test as shorts. Skin is not to be exposed above the knee more than a vertical card length. Leggings or shorts may be worn underneath skirts or dresses as a personal preference, but wearing leggings or shorts under a skirt or dress does not exempt the skirt or dress from having to comply with the card test.

Shoes: Bedroom shoes are forbidden.

Other guidelines

Clothing should completely cover all undergarments. Clothing cannot have logos or symbols which refer to or promote tobacco, drugs, alcohol, violence, gangs, lewd conduct, or anything of an offensive nature.

Presenting a bodily appearance or wearing clothing which is disruptive provacative, revealing, profane, vulgar, offensive, or obscene, or which endangers the health or safety of the student or others is prohibited.

Sunglasses are not permitted at any time in the school building

Dress Code violation: The consequences

1st offense: Loaner garments will be worn if student is unable to correct the problem with a different garment.

2nd offense: Loaner garments will be worn if student is unable to correct the problem with a different garment and a 60-minute morning detention will be assigned. Parent will be contacted.

3rd offense: Loaner garments will be worn if student is unable to correct the problem with a different garment and a 120-minute morning detention will be assigned. Parent will be contacted

4th offense: OSS will be assigned progressively for each offense. Parent will be contacted.


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