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With so many news headlines focusing on the the nationwide debate of gun laws, many places throughout the country have seen the sale of ammunition and firearms increase substantially. Many North Carolinians are not fully aware of the state's laws concerning firearms and what they can and cannot do.

In N.C., there are few laws that restrict rifles and shotguns and none that demand owners of any type of gun to register them, including handguns. According to federal law, convicted felons may not own a firearm, therefore making it illegal in N.C. as well.


Horseback riders in Western North Carolina are joining forces with citizens in surrounding states to combine their riding skills with life saving techniques. A volunteer organization known as the County Mounties trains horseback riders to aid law enforcement agencies in an array of circumstances.

The County Mounties was founded in 2007 by Lawrence Beal of Hayseville, N.C. The mounties is a non-profit organization that operates out of Hayesville but reaches beyond the area and into many other states and jurisdictions.


Criminals who make meth could face more time behind bars and be banned from having the drug’s main ingredient under a law that would help fight a recent surge in meth labs, according to Attorney General Roy Cooper.

“Meth labs threaten our communities with crime, addiction, and even fires, explosions and toxic chemicals,” Cooper said. “We’re working hard to find and stop these dangerous drug labs, and stronger laws will help us.”

House Bill 29 would make it a felony for any convicted meth cook to possess products containing pseudoephedrine, found in some cold medicines and the key ingredient needed to make the highly addictive illegal drug methamphetamine.


The N.C. Department of Transportation will hold an informational workshop from 4 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 14, on proposed safety improvements to U.S. 23/441 east of Franklin. The workshop will take place at the Franklin Town Hall Board Room, located at 95 East Main Street in Franklin.

NCDOT proposes to make the following safety improvements to U.S. 23/441 between Cat Creek Road and U.S. 441 Business:

• Median modifications on US 23/441 that will prohibit left turns from Cat Creek Road and allow for Uturns approximately 650 feet north of Cat Creek Road;


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