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Hagan introduces the Violence Against Women Health Initiative

U.S. Senator Kay R. Hagan (NC) has introduced the Violence Against Women Health Initiative to raise awareness of domestic violence for health care providers allowing them to better assess and treat survivors of domestic violence.

“October was Domestic Violence Awareness month, but this is a problem that demands attention 365 days a year,” said Hagan. “The rates of violence and abuse in our country are unacceptable, and domestic violence has a significant impact on our country’s health, costing over $8.3 billion annually. This bill will streamline efforts to prevent and respond to domestic partner violence. I urge my colleagues to join me and support this bill so that we may work together towards a safer and healthier future for women and families.”


To help fight health insurance premium hikes

U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has announced Affordable Care Act grant awards of $3,984,080 to North Carolina that will help fight unreasonable premium increases and protect consumers. HHS also released a new report entitled Rate Review Works detailing how previous rate review grants are fighting premium hikes and helping make the health insurance marketplace more transparent.

“We’re committed to fighting unreasonable premium increases and we know rate review works,” said Secretary Sebelius. “States continue to have the primary responsibility for reviewing insurance rates and these grants give them more resources to hold insurance companies accountable.”


The North Carolina Social Services Association (NCSSA), organized in 1967 and incorporated in 1969, is the only statewide professional organization representing the interest and concerns of Social Services employees in North Carolina.

In addition to working to develop the professional growth of members and to regulate policy, NCSSA members raise in excess of $50,000 each year that is devoted to community service projects in nearly all 100 counties across the state. These funds provide life-sustaining services and supplies to individuals who have fallen through the cracks of the human services system and/or provide funding for training not otherwise offered through county budgets.


As foreclosures continue to stack up in Macon County and surrounding areas, one federal government agency is reaching out to citizens to offer help. Everett Stiles, who provides Foreclosure Prevention Outreach Services for the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, attended October’s meeting of Macon County’s Board of Commissioners to inform citizens of government funding geared toward foreclosure prevention.

According to Stiles, North Carolina homeowners struggling to pay their mortgage may be eligible to receive financial assistance through government funding. The N.C. Foreclosure Prevention Fund is now available through HUD-approved concealing agencies to help homeowners who are struggling due to job loss or temporary financial hardship caused by no fault of their own, such as divorce or illness.


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