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Opinion Local business sponsors ‘Thankfulness’ essay contest

Mortgage Financial Group, Inc., of Franklin, sponsored an essay contest last week at Trimont Christian Academy focusing on “Thankfulness.” First place went to Rose Tallent, a 5th grade student for her essay on “Trusting God.” She will receive free pizza from Papa’s Pizza for one year.

Second Place went to Canaan Drake, a 4th grade student for her essay on “Thankfulness.” She received a $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card.

The staff at Mortgage Financial Group would like to congratulate the winners and thank each student who participated as well as the judges, teachers and administration for helping us provide this opportunity to the community.


Trusting God

There are many things I am thankful for, but this one really stands out in my mind. Last summer we had a big scare. There had been storms around us hitting other places. Some had been devastating. We had a tornado warning that a tornado was heading our way.

We hurried and found some flashlights. We brought our dog inside the house. Then we found an interesting book to read and all of us, including our dog, went into our bathroom and closed ourselves inside. We chose the bathroom because there were no windows and it was in the middle of the house. It seemed like it was the safest place we could be.

I was really afraid. So my mom said let’s pray for God to watch over us and that this storm doesn’t hit our house. So we prayed. We prayed for God’s protection that the tornado wouldn’t hit our house.

We read a book because it would help take our fears away and we would be concentrating on a wonderful story that would take our minds off the storm.

We couldn’t hear the storm anymore, so our mom went to check and see if the storm was gone. She said it was over. The storm had passed over with no harm. All of us, including our dog, were safe and whole. We were so relieved and so thankful that God had protected us through this very scary storm. “What time I am afraid I will trust in thee, “Psalm 56:3, is the verse that we trusted in that night.

By Rose Tallent

I am thankful for ...…

God has blessed me with so many things to be thankful for. Here are some things that I am thankful for. I am thankful for food and water. I am also grateful for shelter, my family, and most of all Jesus.

I am appreciative of food, water, and shelter because I will not go hungry, and I won’t be thirsty either. I’m thankful for shelter because it keeps me out of the cold in the winter, and it keeps me out of the heat in the summer. My favorite room in the house is my room, and it’s blue.

I’m also very appreciative of my family. They love me, care for me, provide for me, and they teach me about the Bible. I am the most thankful for Jesus because He died for my sins, loves me, gave me my family, and I can pray to Him.

Thank you God for all of the things that you have given me.

By Canaan Drake


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