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Opinion Letters

I am not much of a religious scholar, but I did have 16 years of excellent Catholic education. I did very well in my collage "Logic" course. The Dominicans Fathers were gifted teachers. As a result I am having a tough time understanding why conservative Christians are so enamored with today's Republican party.

Biblical doctrine exhorts us to contribute to the ministry and the common good according to our financial ability. The richer you are, the more is expected from you. But when it comes to this society in which we all live, and with the Social Security in particular, the tax burden falls on the poor and the middle class, while the wealthy get a pass. Republicans want to solve the Social Security solvency problem by cutting benefits to the people who need it most, instead of requiring the wealthy to pay the same percentage of their income as you and I.


Mr. Jim Sottile calls Bernie Sanders a “Socialist.” In the old days when we didn’t agree with somebody we called them a “communist.”

Now the country has moved so far to the right that even the word “moderate” has become a bad word. Labels, of course, are the tools of the simple-minded and are used by both extremes of the political spectrum to cloud reality.

In most cases, they don’t hold up under the hard light of the truth. If Bernie Sanders is a Socialist, I am the Prince of Wales.

Robert Michael Jones — Sylva, N.C.

Recent letters have presented opposing views on the future funding for Planned Parenthood. Some are based on factual information concerning the function and operations of that organization, and others are based on a fabricated narrative created with a highly edited video.

Planned Parenthood provides a variety of needed services to lower income women ranging from cancer and sexually transmitted disease (STD) screenings to birth control and pregnancy support. Without these services we would undoubtedly see increases in premature deaths, increases in STD incidence and increases in unplanned/illegitimate births. They also provide abortion services. However, by federal law no tax dollars are used to support these activities. Repeat, NO tax dollars are used for abortion services. By law, abortions are legal in this country whether you agree with the procedure or not.


Let us be honest.

Those who want to place the "national motto" on public buildings are not motivated by patriotism. They see this as a way to promote their religious beliefs and devotion to God. That is the purpose of churches, not government.

Just what does this motto mean? Our nation has, by far, the world's most powerful and most advanced military ever known. And we are the country which proclaims "In God We Trust!" Trust for what? Is this some kind of a joke?


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