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Opinion Letters Motocross track discussion continues

In answer to Mr. Doug Hogsed’s letter giving his full approval to Mr. Talley’s motocross track, I’d like to address each of his moronic points:

1. I suggest that the 300 or so motorcycle riders go to your neighborhood and ride for hours so that you can enjoy the “sounds of youth having fun.”

2. If Hazel Talley is not with us anymore, who are you to assume that she would want to annoy all of her neighbors, decrease their property values and turn this peaceful community into a three-ring circus.

3. Youths that enjoy this form of entertainment are not apt to eat anywhere but McDonalds and I doubt they will be filling any hotel rooms since these are not sanctioned events, it will be a practice track.

4. I don’t watch Nascar nor do I enjoy the sound of a weed-wacker.

5. The MAMA helicopter saves lives and doesn’t hover for hours.

6. I, also, hope Mr. Talley fulfills his vision but let it be in your backyard which I’m sure is not in Clarks Chapel.

Perhaps Mr. Hogsed would have been better informed if he did read a paper once in a while, at least we would not be subjected to his ridiculous, misinformed ramblings. In addition, why don’t you check the tax records. As it stands right now Mr. Talley enjoys a $600,000, yes, six hundred thousand dollar tax deferment on his 45 acres.

Ray Olson — Franklin, N.C.

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