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Opinion Letters Let’s go back to American made

What is the most important issue to our nation today? Actually, to our state and in particular to our country It’s certainly not steep slopes, subdivisions, or any other controlling issues — IT’S JOBS!

The notion that the days of the cut and sew industry are over must be ignored because, in fact, we need to get back to it.

We need to collectively lobby our state, and the state to the nation, to stop all these items being made in China and Bangladesh, and India, etc.

It’s been said that there are scores of industrialists in our nation waiting for our government to pledge the lessening of controlling rules, both safety and environmentally — so-called necessities — and for the mandating unions to back away and let them operate.

If the billions of dollars going to foreign aid and military spending were available to investors of manufucturing plants, that would create seed money.

The question comes up who would spend twice as much to purchase an American made shirt or blue jeans? People could buy 3 or 4 shirts instead of 10 or 15, but Americans would be working. The fact of the matter remains — nobody deposits the leftovers from cheap foreign goods.

Financially, what it would mean to America is if only half of the unemployed were working at $10 per hour, based on 9,000,000 people, that represents a weekly deposit to Social Security of $450 million. There would also be a similar amount to income taxes.

Now why is this so important to Macon County? Right now with all our garment and cord plants gone and no construction to speak of, the only cash flow is from the investments and retirements of a prior generation that is slowly going to run out.

We can not constantly talk about the necessity of higher education and technology. Technology is simply a service to production.

We have a vast number of good people who don’t fit in this category, but certainly are entitled to the opportunity to be employed and self-supporting. Just think of the savings of all the social services.

If you’re still not convinced, reflect back to the economy of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s that was full circle.

Let’s all pull together, build America and shut off the foreign imports.

Charlie Cowie — Franklin, N.C.

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