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Opinion Letters Politicians out of touch with average American

I would like to issue a challenge to any politician to come walk a mile in the average American’s shoes. Come do my husband’s job for a day, or mine. Live off our pay for a month. We have worked hard all our lives. Neither of us have health or retirement benefits with our jobs. My husband is in construction and when the construction industry hit bottom, the company he works for had to eliminate health care benefits to stay in business, just like a lot of other small businesses. Now the politicians are wanting to punish us for their mistakes of rampant spending by making us work longer and harder. They still have all their benefits and still vote themselves raises. Everyone I know does not.

The Republicans are giving the country to the rich, the Democrats are just giving it away, and the unions are lining their pockets. Who represents the normal small business American worker? There are a lot of us that feel this way. We are unheard and ignored. Illegal aliens get free health care, free schooling for their children and any other social services they want and the public workers are not allowed to ask them any questions. Most illegals do not pay taxes. (And if you think they pay payroll taxes, you are mistaken. They claim so many dependents, usually under a fake SS#, that nothing is deducted from their pay.) My husband is a veteran and cannot even get care from the VA.

Many cuts could be made to the budget to avoid cutting Medicare and Social Security. There are the “pork projects” or earmarks that could be eliminated. How about downsizing the pensions, medical, fitness club, and other benefits of the politicians, who receive this for life. Cutting foreign aide in half until we get our budget in order. There is so much fraud in the disability and medicaid programs it is ridiculous.

The politicians have become so out of touch that they have no idea what an average American goes through on a daily basis. How then can they realistically represent us? There are so many avenues to cut spending first without hurting the American worker, the very people paying for everything. The Republicans also refuse to remove tax breaks for the rich stating “we are not going to raise taxes on the very people that we expect to reinvest in our economy and to help grow jobs.” Well they have been getting these tax breaks for years and I haven’t seen any job growth or reinvestment in this country. Most of the large companies have moved to other countries and they hide their profits in offshore accounts. How about stopping that? I saw a news article about a man making $5 billion a year and paying less tax than most middle income people. How is this fair?

This country has gone so far out of control and the people running it do not seem to care, as long as they get theirs. I am sorry to carry on so, but it is very frustrating with no recourse. Until we, as fed up Americans, start standing up for ourselves, nothing will change. I don’t know if that includes public protests or just another good ole American Revolution, but something needs to be done quickly as this country is going to hit rock bottom soon. The easy way is to just point fingers at each other and say it is the other party’s fault. Well, it is both parties’ faults. There is plenty of blame to go around. Maybe a National Protest Day would show all politicians that we, as a whole, are tired of “business as usual.”

Anita Martin — Otto, N.C.

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