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Opinion Letters Military fought for your right to run your mouth

This letter is written to address the man that came into the grocery store and harrassed my son because he wants to join the military.

First, let me say that for any young adult that wished to give their time to serve our country, we as free citizens of this country should be thanking them for having the desire and the gumption to want to join. This is what happened.

My son was bagging this person’s groceries and the man asked what he was doing with his life and wanted to know if he was going to go on to college. My son responded that he was not going to college at this time and the man wanted to know if he was going to bag groceries for the rest of his life. My son stated that he was trying to get into the service. With that, this man started to give my son a hard time stating that he should not want to get into the military and go fight a rich man’s war.

Shame, shame, shame on you mister! You have some nerve to blast my son for wanting to join and defend our rights as a country and to want to serve our country in protecting our freedom! You proceeded to put down our country and government stating that there are too many laws and we are not free.

I beg to differ with you but the freedom you had to be allowed to go into the store and talk against your country and the military was given to you by past service men that fought for your right to run your mouth!

Maybe if you lived in a country where people do not have the right to openly put down its government and its military you might appreciate the country you do live in. There is always the option that you can move to another country if you don’t like it here but then I guess you might not get free groceries then, because the kicker to the whole incident is as you were so loudly putting down our country, the government and the military, your groceries were paid for with Food Stamps that your government provides for you! So, I guess my taxes, my son who bagged your groceries taxes and every other working citizen paid for your groceries and past service men and women paid for your right to run your mouth. My question to you is, “What do you pay for?”

Debbi Crunkleton — Franklin, N.C.


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