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Opinion Letters Duke spraying ‘harmless’ unknown chemical

I must have missed the small print when I agreed to have Duke Energy provide me with electricity.

Apparently, I agreed to have them come unannounced to my home and spray an unknown chemical less than 10 feet from my water well.

Fortunately, I was home and able to intercede prior to the completion of this act.

The Duke representative who was supervising this four-man crew from his truck assured me the chemicals and process were harmless except to the vegetation which it poisoned.

The last time I was assured by my government and corporate America that what I was walking in, being sprayed with, and generally living around was harmless cost me and several million other veterans a lifetime of medical issues.

Not discounting the millions of Vietnamese civilians who continue to suffer birth defects and related medical conditions from Agent Orange.

The Duke representative indicated that this approach was necessary to avoid as much tree trimming (Translation: It’s cheaper for Duke to spray with four Latino workers wearing no obvious protective clothing than pay a tree service to trim the trees).

Duke, I know you can do what ever you want in WNC it's been obvious. But please don’t urinate on me and call it rain!

David Barbour — Franklin, N.C.


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