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Opinion Letters Further restriction of freedom unwarranted

The horrific tragedy in Tucson, Ariz. has prompted the usual suspects on the Progressive left to falsely accuse anyone who disagrees with them politically as somehow responsible for the despicable acts of a lone gunman. Further investigation has revealed the man is possibly deranged and also regarded the “Communist Manifesto” as one of his sources of inspiration. Even with this information becoming available, these commentators and even some congressional members are still calling for restrictions on citizens’ ability to express their opinions and seek redress for grievances in the political arena. Do they intend to restrict our freedom and resurrect the infamous Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 or Wilson’s Sedition Acts of 1917?

The danger to our liberties is not the commentators’ drivel. That’s expected. The danger lies in the belief of some to never let a crisis go to waste who will attempt to stampede Congress into enacting laws that will take us further down the road to serfdom. Slavery and serfdom have existed since antiquity and neither necessarily were based on race as developed here. The heroic struggle to stamp out slavery was achieved in 1865 leaving the more elusive serfdom to continue its attempts to thrive. While serfdom is more difficult to observe and a milder form of slavery, it is still slavery using velvet chains without the instant application of the lash.

Slavery, as well as serfdom, is the ability of the master, empowered with the coercive power of the law, to order his servant to go or stay; to do work he wants without question; and respond appropriately whenever allowed to speak. Can we allow our congress members to impose restrictions on our freedom to criticize their behavior or our attempts to replace them via the ballot box whenever we think they no longer represent us? Regulators in Washington are constantly implementing rules that govern what we drive, what we eat, the type of home we live in and our work environment. Do we want our lawmakers or the regulators to now silence our ability to replace the lawmakers who empower the regulators? I think not to both questions. I urge you to let your elected representatives hear your views on this issue.

Jerry Millican — Franklin, N.C.


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