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Opinion Letters Offensive language should be condemned

Democrat attacks on TEA Party a disgrace and grossly inaccurate.

The gangland-style, fist-pounding threat to “take out the sons of b_____s shouted by union leader Jimmy Hoffa Jr. is just the latest in a string of name-calling aimed at the TEA party and TEA partiers by Democrat leaders, mind you, not citizens but LEADERS! Democrat Vice President Joe Biden has called Tea partiers “terrorists” and “the barbarians at the door.” Congresswoman Maxine Waters told her audience that the TEA party can “go to hell.” Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid makes an amazing claim that TEA partiers are, “not American people.” In other recent speeches Democrats have claimed TEA partiers are racists and slave masters. This offensive language, the threats and totally untrue accusations should be condemned by all ordinary citizens.

The TEA party is not a political party but rather a growing number of mainstream citizens — the silent majority, silent no more — who believe in and are working for the following: A smaller less intrusive government, lower taxes, reduced spending, a continued free enterprise system, state sovereignty and adherence to the U.S. Constitution. These tenets are TEA party goals for local and the federal government. More and more people agree with these objectives and, as a result, the TEA party is attracting countless citizens who enthusiastically support these principles. TEA party supported candidates for political office are expected to uphold these beliefs.

The TEA party was founded as a Taxed Enough Already movement. From those beginnings the movement has grown to include multiple TEA party groups in every state in the country. My husband and I are active in the Tea Party Patriots of Jackson County group. We attend the monthly meetings and have attended the two massive rallies in Washington DC in 2009 and 2010. At these meetings and rallies actions, statements or speeches were exceptionally civil and in no way terrorizing, barbaric, racist or something that should be sent to hell. Certainly the events are not un-American.

What is the purpose of the Democrat leaders’ disgraceful outbursts and angry rhetoric? Last I heard is that free speech is a standard in the USA so they are entitled to their opinion albeit inaccurate stated in offensive language. However, it is obvious the impetus for such words is that Democrats loathe not just the TEA Party but more importantly their influence on elections. By the same token the TEA Party is at liberty to speak, meet and increase in numbers. Anyone who wishes to experience this extraordinary movement is welcome to attend the Tea Party Patriots of Jackson County meetings on the third Thursday each month at Ryan’s in Sylva.

Carol Adams — Glenville, N.C.

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