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Opinion Letters Common Sense Party may be viable third

In the Sept. 15 Macon County News, George Hasara presented a reasonably accurate surmise that our present electoral system is indeed broken or, at the very least, has ceased to symbolize what the majority of Americans have come to believe is “representative government.”

There are, as Hasara pointed out, alternative political parties which, if they indeed had a voice in a coalition government we would be decidedly less apt to be forever stuck in political stalemate and bitter discord.

Of course the two dominant parties fight fanatically to maintain the status quo and keep anyone with a different point of view (however meritorious that might be) from participation in open and honest debate much less allow us lowly serfs the benefit of other reasonable choices.

What we desperately need is a strong third party challenge that will put Democrats and Republicans on notice that their lies and deceit (however articulately presented) are no longer acceptable to the American electorate.

As a point of interest perhaps, in addition to the Tea Party (which I predict more Americans will evade than adhere), there are other parties in the United States. One is the Common Sense Party (CSP) and I believe this party is worthy of attention and examination. The CSP will hold its convention next July in Tacoma, Wash., and their nominee for president is likely to be a fellow by the name of Don Hansler. He is a U.S. Army veteran and a teacher of math and science for many years. From all appearances he seems to be on the up and up (more than we can say of many politicians) and a credible alternative to the known candidates from which we will otherwise be forced to choose.

David L. Snell — Dillsboro, N.C.


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