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Opinion Letters Seek out the truth and vote accordingly

“Buy the state’s legislature,” why, I’m shocked, shocked to think the state’s Republican Party (or Jim Davis) would be party to such an affront as to actually consider buying an election, why it’s unthinkable. The truth of the matter is, whether it’s Art Pope’s money buying influence for Republicans or George Soros’ buying it for Democrats or multi-national corporations buying it for both, Americans are well aware of the enormous and destructive impact money has on our electoral system.

Clearly the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United that gave excessive power to corporations was wrong and was made, not by impartial judges (that we wrongly believe this branch of our government consists) but by men in black robes with a political agenda. Right now their blueprint seems to favor Republicans.

Senator Jim Davis suggests that because the New Yorker is a liberal magazine (which is arguable) the article “State for Sale” should be discounted. If the article is in error, yes it should be ignored. However, from what I’ve read, Jane Mayer offered a fair interpretation of our political process in North Carolina.

Two thoughts ... Senator Davis now claims aggrieved victim status, he “didn’t approve any of the flyers” criticizing John Snow before the last election, he “didn’t even know about them,” and at least one was “way beyond” his (Jim Davis’) “comfort level.” I received about a dozen of those flyers which John Snow states were “pretty cheap and down-right dirty.” Mr. Snow is being more than kind. In truth those flyers were in extremely poor taste, outrageously offensive and framed a picture of John Snow that was blatantly untrue. That Jim Davis couldn’t have put a stop to them at any time, strains one’s intelligence and powers of reasoning.

That was 2010. The election of 2012 looms ahead. Thanks to the N.C. Republican Party (and their Tea Party subsidiary) we’ve witnessed how low a political party is willing to sink to gain power. However, money and vile advertisements aside, the outcome of any election still relies on us, the individual, to vote yea or nay, to choose the best candidates to represent us. We still have the choice whether or not to seek out the truth and vote accordingly.

John Snow is an honorable and decent man and he was a capably and principled state senator. With a little luck, he will be again.

David L. Snell — Dillsboro, N.C.

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