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Opinion Letters Local, state officials out of touch with reality

Good grief, during our sputtering economy with increasing inflation and many having to do more with less, Macon County will spend $30,000+ evaluating the current job descriptions and salaries? Isn’t there more prudent uses for this money at this time?

The county should do what they can with the current budget and give the people at the bottom the greatest raise and scale back at the top, so as not to impact costs or taxes. A revenue neutral approach.

Sheriff Holland’s comment that five percent would do little in his department in order for them to compete with surrounding counties is great support for his department. However, many people out of work would love to have just a job!

A recent letter from our own Senator Hagan said that a recent study had shown that there is little inflation, so COLAs for Social Security recipients would not be considered anytime soon. The question is, where is she living?

Our county commissioners recently reported that they needed $26,000,000 in property taxes to operate; could this be the reason they won’t reevaluate our properties in 2013?

Something to think about.

Scot Thompson — Franklin, N.C.


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