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Opinion Letters Demonstrators do not speak for all

I’ve read about, and seen on TV, demonstrators occupying Asheville, New York, Oakland, and other cities.

They seem uncertain as to what their real goals are other than to destroy our system of government and capitalism. They are seeking additional “handouts” from the government, and have a “Share the Wealth” mentality. Many carry signs demanding that we change to a Communist or Socialistic government.

The Asheville Citizen-Times published an Associated Press article on Nov. 6, 2011, page F-2, that pretty well countered the demonstrators’ philosophy. The article stated that Cuba’s Communist-Socialist government employs over 80 percent of the workers there, and that they are paid $20 per month in return for free education, health care, nearly free housing, transportation, and basic foods.

Is that what those people want?

Most Cubans cannot afford computers, cell phones, plasma TVs or other luxuries that our demonstrators seem to believe is their due.

The entire nation of Cuba is in a decrepit and falling down condition, and freedom as we know it is an impossible dream for Cubans.

The demonstrators do not speak for me or anyone that I know, when they compute their “99%” as being opposed to our tried and true system of government and capitalism.

Gene L. Hultgreen — Franklin, N.C.


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