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Opinion Letters Oligarchy is not government by the people

“Occupy America and friendly fascism: Life in the corporate police state” by John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute in The Macon County News & Shopping Guide for 10 November 2011, was an excellent commentary. Only one point can I disagree with. He says “a corporate-government complex ... has been slowly evolving over many decades.” Indeed, a corporate-government complex has been firmly entrenched for many decades.

Oligarch are the people who manage the giant corporations, and the people who create and trade imaginary money.

Democracy is the oligarch’s favorite form of government. Each voter has only a one / two-hundred-millionth share of influence in the U. S. Presidential election. The average voter has too little wealth to make it worth his while to research candidates and issues for so small a part in the decision making process. Therefore, most eligible voters vote the way the oligarchs, through their media organizations, tell them to vote, or don’t vote at all. Oligarchs like democracy, as witness their attempts to spread it all over the world, by bombing hell out of their beneficiaries when necessary.

An aristocrat’s wealth is based upon the ownership of real estate. And he owns it himself, not through publicly traded stock. And he owns a large enough amount of real estate so that he is interested in the outcome of elections. I don’t know if there are any aristocrats in America. Didn’t the oligarchs destroy that class long ago? If one chamber of the Congress or if the Presidency were given over to occupation by an election by aristocrats, each aristocrat would then have a large enough part in the decision making process that he would be inclined to make himself knowledgeable of the candidates and the issues. Oligarchs don’t like aristocracy.

Each Congressional District is so large that the voters cannot know the candidates. Therefore a candidate can get elected only by getting his name and face on T.V. And he can get on T.V. only if he meets the approval of the oligarchs who own the T.V. networks.

If each Congressional District were so small that everybody knew most everybody else, people could get elected to Congress who were not creatures of the oligarchs.

I am not smart enough to know if what I suggest is the best medicine for our aches and pains, but I am smart enough to know that Constitutional change is needed.

As for fascism, is not a liberal arts component to education the best antidote for that? Had not the Germans put aside liberal arts in their pursuit of science, prior to the rise of Hitler? Did the Russians ever have liberal arts education? Were they not, because of that lack, fertile ground for Lenin and Stalin? Have we in America not eliminated most liberal arts education in most colleges and universities and high schools?

Southern National Congress meets Nov. 18-20 at Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee. If you would do something besides griping to your friends via email and on Facebook, and in letters to the editor, meet me at Montgomery Bell State Park.

George Crockett — Franklin, N.C.


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