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Opinion Letters Compassion of volunteers highly appreciated

At this time of Thanksgiving, I want to gratefully acknowledge several people and organizations that have worked very hard on behalf of the abandoned and neglected dogs and cats in Macon County. Because of the dedication of these people and their “hands on” efforts, we have more awareness about unwanted pets and a better grasp on the severe problem of overpopulation.

Macon County Animal Control has been very diligent in trying to save the lives of adoptable animals. When the shelter was created, my initial concern was that their responsibility to euthanize would overshadow their potential to facilitate adoptions. However, Linda, Brent, and Jason, under the leadership of John Hook, have been trying very hard and tirelessly to save the individual lives of these deserving pets. They are greatly commended for this. They have also worked daily at educating the public about good and responsible animal care.

If we only euthanize the undesired pets, the number of excess animals never really declines since many more animals are born in Macon County than are euthanized. Spaying and neutering are the only way to actually decrease the quantity of unwanted dogs and cats.

Laura Hoover and her parents, Beth and Greg, have been very active and successful by personally fostering and adopting out dogs and cats that were due to be euthanized. The Hoovers have been so generous with their time and energy helping the castoff canines and felines in Macon. They are very special and valued.

In recent months Sachenka (Sasha) Angel has worked as a one-person dynamo rescuing and placing many unwanted dogs that were slated to be euthanized. Sachenka transports and creates sponsorships for many of “man’s best friends.” The enthusiasm and creativity she offers in saving the lives of innocent canines makes her a true guardian angel.

The Macon County Humane Society has been productive, as always, in their efforts to assist domesticated animals. Under the compassionate leadership of Todd Ortiz, the Humane Society has taken in a number of animals from the county shelter in order to save their lives.

Nikki with Friends of Animals has given her energy and resources on a daily basis to enhance the quality of life of dogs and cats in the community and at the county shelter. Nikki is presently organizing a “mega” yard sale to raise funds for families who need financial assistance in order to spay or neuter their pets.

Finally, many other citizens, e.g., Gracie McDonald, Rudy Meinders, and Doris Hunter, have given selflessly of themselves over the years. They have laid the foundation and helped this voiceless population that is so dependent on us. The compassion they have shown is highly regarded and appreciated.

Joe Whitenton, president
Friends of Animals

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