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Opinion Letters Reduce government power with amendment

Washington is corrupt (and Raleigh and Trash-dump Hill). Democracy is the creature of oligarchy. Constitutional change is needed.

But if the oligarchs possess our government, they are not going to permit change that will reduce their power and influence. (see here)

So, how to achieve constitutional change?

In the times 200 and more years ago, in Britain and in British America, the common man did not have the vote but the common man had a means of influencing government. When the common man needed justice, as in the suspension of a hurtful regulation, and the government would not listen to reason, the common man had a way of sometimes, though not always, obtaining that justice, even though he could not vote for his governing officials. He did it by this means: When a sufficient number of the common men got stirred up, they marched to the home of the offending official, dismantled it and piled it and all of its furnishings out in the street.

Why did the police not disperse the crowd? In those days there were sheriffs and constables and very few or no other paid law-enforcement officials. When these officials needed manpower to enforce the law, they asked the county commission or city mayor to call out the militia. Now the militia members were landowners and thus more likely to have the vote than this common man we have been speaking of, but (a big but), the militia members were neighbors and cousins and sometimes members of this crowd of house-wreckers, and the militiamen, not being paid officials, were not dependent upon a government salary, so, for these two reasons, they were sometimes disinclined to turn out and disperse such a crowd which was tearing down a house in order to acquire some justice.

Well, today, everybody has the vote so of course we no longer tear down houses. Instead we form associations to withhold votes from elected officials if they do not do our bidding, and by that means we acquire justice for ourselves, sometimes.

If one were to ask what I would bid those officials do to earn my vote, I might reply, “Money is the root of all evil, so amend the Constitution to limit government’s access to money.” Oligarchs have lots of money and use it to influence government. That has to be accepted; never has been and never will be any other way, but our Constitution allows them too much excess in what they can do.

They have used the corporate-government complex to destroy their political competitors.

We have no more aristocrats. We have no more family farmers. Limitations are placed on opportunities to have successful small businesses. Farmers and many others have all been converted into factory workers. (And now we have no more factories, but the institutions and bureaucrats empowered to supply factories with cheap labor, still exist and still limit your freedoms to pursue wealth via other means.) And how did government accomplish these destructions and conversions? Again, by money. Government has lots of it.

Then to reduce the influence of money in government: 1) Give over one organ of government to occupation by and election by aristocrats or at least owners of real property, so as to place a check against oligarchy. 2) Limit the government’s powers of taxation and spending: no direct taxation of individuals for domestic spending by the national government; the national government can spend on domestic affairs only what it can raise by requests upon the state governments.

Perhaps there are better ways to curb the root of all evil. I hope you will think about it. Well, no, I hope you will do more than think.

Thinking, if not followed by action, is no better than not thinking. I have joined an association; it is Southern National Congress.

George Crockett — Franklin, N.C.


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