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Opinion Letters The essence of love in 'Christ'mas to be believed

With yet another Christmas season that is quickly coming upon us, can be for some, one of the most meaningful times of the year. Families coming together sharing in times of the past, enjoying the present and looking and hoping towards the future. For many, it’s a time to set the wrongs of the past right again and try a renewed approach toward life and living.

Even within all the busyness of the season, the search inside our hearts and minds yearns for relationships of fond memories of the past, whether for the loved one that has gone on, or the wayward child, in hoping they would corne back to open arms of forgiveness and love.

The tear in a child’s eye that prays and hopes for the restoration of a mommy and daddy, even more than anything that could be put under the Christmas tree. These memories can carry on for a life time in asking,”why?” Why does my heart ache in a search for a love and relationship that satisfies the depths of our souls?

If you’re a relativist or an atheist and do not believe that any truth can be known; how do you explain this truth, that “love” surpasses all of our human quest? The love of a new mother towards the life she has just birthed with the tiny little hand gripping her finger? The love of a man that gives his life for his family? The love of an older couple that stands the time and still has that sparkle when they look at each other? If love can not be based or hasn't a foundation on which to stand, then it is only built on feelings and selfish desires, which once exhausted has little chance of going the distance of a lifetime. It’s like the fog which hangs low in the early morning, but as soon as the sun rises and the warmth of day comes it’s gone like a vapor.

True love can be known, felt and experienced. This is why “Christ”mas came to us, the child which gripped his mother’s finger, the one who gave His life for us, the one who walks and loves us through times end. This is the gift he’s asking us to accept. Who else can there be that is such an example of what “love” looks like or the example of how we should love? No where else can be found such a love as this for he gave His life for us so that we may live, with meaning, purpose, fulfillment that not only we can know this love but it works within our relationships with and toward others. It restores and gives meaning to what it means to be human with a fullness of life, “His” life.

A Christmas or so ago in the Macy’s Christmas parade, they used the slogan, “Believe,” just believe, but what was there to believe in? There’s only two things to believe in, one is self, which I think most would agree is full of selfishness and can be very dark and evil which seems alluring but like a spider’s web can be beautiful and yet so deadly. Then there is “God” the supreme being that created all that is or will be, the essence of Love, the quench of thirst for the dying soul is shown and given though Christ, and given to us freely, if we would just “Believe?”

Have a Blessed Christmas,

Deni Shepard — Franklin, N.C.


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