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Opinion Letters The problem is lack of manners

At what point did people decide manners were no longer needed? Have you ever heard the saying, “If you can’t say anything nice then it is better to say nothing at all?” It seems to me that Macon County’s problem is not just obesity but outsiders with a total lack of manners. When a county employee is publically ridiculed by name over their physical appearance in the newspaper I think it is time to think about things your mother should have taught you as a child.

Beauty is skin deep. You cannot accurately judge someone by appearance only.

Mr. Davis may be lean but his words in Thursday’s (Dec. 8) paper shows that he is rather ugly inside. There is no reason to point out a personal weakness to everyone who reads the paper, nor is it at any time okay to make degrading generalized statements about the teachers, parents and citizens of Macon County. Obesity is not an issue in only Macon County but to America as a nation and I am sure there are “fat” people in Cumming, Ga., as well.

As Larry Davis said he does not know Kathy McGaha and that is very obvious. Kathy is a wonderful, goodhearted, intelligent person who would never degrade anyone the way Mr. Davis did her. You should be ashamed of yourself, Mr. Davis, and speaking for my family, go back to Cumming, Ga., your attitude is polluting our county.

Stephanie McGaha Mason — Franklin, N.C.


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