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Opinion Letters “The Centerpiece of our Democractic Republic”

Judging from last week’s letter to the editor, Ed Morris is confused about the funding sources for my 2010 campaign for the NC 50th district senate seat. It is entirely possible that I told him Art Pope contributed the $4000 maximum allowed by North Carolina law by an individual but I never told him it was the only contribution from the Pope family and I would never characterize $4000 as small.

It only takes 5 minutes and an internet connection to check campaign contribution data from the North Carolina Board of Elections web site. The Pope family makes significant contributions to candidates and political action committees which are also fully disclosed and completely legal. Individual candidates and both major parties receive contributions from wealthy donors so that is hardly news.

In addition Ed apparently believes that Mr. Pope bought my votes in the NC Senate. Anyone who knows me well would consider that charge preposterous. My political philosophy has been consistent during my adult life and was reflected during my 10 years of service on the Macon County Board of Commissioners. Had my votes in the NC Senate portrayed a different philosophy then an assumption could be made that money influenced my vote(s). If Ed is interested in the truth rather than his personal agenda he could for comparison interview every individual with whom I served and share his findings. I already know the results of that exercise.

My plan is to file for reelection when the filing period opens. Ed and his friends who share his views are free to be the biggest donors to my campaign to determine for themselves whether or not my soul or vote is for sale.

Ed also seems to be threatened when The Franklin Press publishes opinion pieces that don’t coincide with his philosophy. He must think his world view is the only one fit to print. The America that I love celebrates a free flow of information and opinion. That is the centerpiece of our democratic republic.

Senator Jim Davis — Franklin, N.C.


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