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Opinion Letters Things To Do To Restore Our Economy

Go back to 2008 and anyone with a mortgage could for up to $300,000 to payoff their mortgage. The banks or lending institutions would then pay back their government loans. The people who get this $300,000 plus or minus would still have to pay this mortgage once the economy returned. This would return the housing market and jobs, foreclosure will only keep driving the market down. It is not right that the middle class in this great country, pays most of the tax burden and are the ones being foreclosed on.

No company, bank, or institution that is getting relief from the government, such as tax breaks, guarantees, or any other moneys, can pay a salary of more than $500,000 per year including any other type of bonus.

Do away with our present tax system and adopt a simple sales tax. That way everyone pays their fair share. If you are poor you will not be buying much so you will not pay a lot and if you are rich and you buy expensive toys you will pay your fair share.

We do not need big government telling us what we can or cannot do, let each state do what is good for them. Shut down the E.P.A., O.S.H.A., and any other agency that slows down our economy.

Do away with the Free Trade Agreement; it is only free to other countries. Or make the other countries have a balance trade with us. We spend a dollar with them and they spent a dollar with us. Give incentives for companies to stay at home. It is hard to compete in the world market when the other countries not having to match social security, insurance, and all the government bull such as OSHA.

Stop sending our money to help other countries, YOU CANNOT BUY FRIENDSHIP. Most of the time it is the leaders that get the money and not the people that need it. We are not the world police and should stay out of other countries business unless we are asked or it is a matter of world peace. Lets earn respect and not try to buy it.

We do not need to put troops on out borders, if we want people to stay out, there are a couple of simple things we can do and save billons of dollars at the same time. Cut the money off, if you are not a citizen you do not deserve our money. If you are not a citizen and have a child, the child should not be a citizen. If someone hires or rents to someone that is illegal there should be a large fine and the second time loose their right to be able to have a business, able to rent or maybe some jail time would help. No house and no money they will go home to their own country.

Larry Turlington — Franklin, NC


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