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I know this is difficult for some to believe, considering the tackles delivered and postmidnight illegal formations, but public education keeps pushing down the field of nation building. Public education has been hit hard by the difficult economy, and by opportunists who wish to make a profit off of education. Recently a highly, questionable play singled out educators from all state employees and disallowed payroll deductions. This legislative play will be reviewed by the courts and by the voters that are tired of such embarrassing behaviors by some legislators. Despite no-win plays, the good news is: progress continues with abundance, in our schools!

Recently, I contributed to a player with some research and play therapy. A super-power meeting with the parents and consults with other professionals were made. The player (student) was impressive, and had hit a snag that could affect optimal performance and development. The player's initial lack of experience, skills, and language upon entering school might cause some non-professionals to bench him and focus on others, but not at our public schools where every student's success is our purpose. I proudly escorted the player back to the classroom huddle. The teacher (coach) invited to me a reading practice. I sat amazed at this child who had overcome factors with the diligent help of his teachers and parents. It was a success story based on professional educators with focused interventionsjnside an environment of caring and expectations.

What a brilliant performance! Developing skills were obvious, due to his and everyone's diligence and motivation. During a recent sportscast, I heard a commentator say that the hungrier the leading players were, the more likely they were to win. I find this to be true in education, too. This student (player) is one of many that I encounter each and every day that have made optimal gains in their confidence, academics and behaviors. Our team of experts has learned to tailor the educational approach to help each child succeed. "We shall overcome" takes a tremendous amount of work, assessment, and sensitive partnership with a child.

Team America will take its share of victories in the international league during the 21 sl century, if we have core knowledge, critical thinking, and the new understanding of the numerous literacies needed. In recent financial literacy computer lessons with third and fourth graders, I explained how it would help prepare them to think more clearly about career discovery. They understood! Ten years ago with a booming economy and living in the land of plenty, the hunger may have not been there for the majority of young students. Education has adjusted to the nation's needs.

As adult team members, we need to understand the importance of voting and doing it in a well-educated, thoughtful, conscientious manner. As a coach, I want to know what each candidate's plan is for public education for every child in every town and local economy, so our ci tizenry can be prepared to become the leading players of Team America.

Rena 0. Sutton — Franklin, NC


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