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Opinion Letters What is Fair?

President Obama’s newest mantra to accompany his class warfare strategy is “fairness”…….let’s be sure the “playing field is fair” for all says he. Let’s take a look at the “fairness” record of the President and his Democrat followers.

Is it fair that 47% of Americans pay no federal taxes while the President calls for increased taxes to “soak the rich”? If fairness is the goal, Obama and Democrats would support the Fair Tax or Flat Tax plan.

Is it fair that Obamacare was voted into law with bribes to wavering Senators and after passage waivers were granted to numerous favored groups, states and industries such as unions and Nebraska to name just two? Fairness would be to grant waivers to all who oppose Obamacare or better yet, repeal it!

Is it fair that in the Obama administration’s government takeover of General Motors prime bond holders and pension stock holders were denied the value of their investments while the United Auto Workers interests were consistently put ahead of suppliers, dealers and investors ? There is no “fairness” when the government takes away from one group to benefit another group.

Is it fair that the Obama administration, with the help of Democrats in Congress, has increased our national debt to over $14 trillion, more than any previous administration in our history. The debt payment is left to future generations, our children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren, while Obama and Democrats continue to spend rather than cut spending. The Obama budget offered this week contains more spending! Fair to future Americans…emphatically NO!

Is it fair that while thousands of immigrants respect our laws and wait for legal admission to our country, the President and his followers call for amnesty for illegal immigrants? Not only is such a policy unfair to legal immigrants who are here and but it is especially unfair to those who have waited years to be admitted to this country.

The playing field is not at all fair in any the above examples. However, they all are accomplished or supported by Barak Obama and his administration. This President’s call for fairness is just that, rhetoric. Unfair is the reality he practices....now that’s arrogance! Don’t lecture us about fairness Mr. President until you practice what you preach.

Carol Adams — Glenville, NC


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