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Opinion Letters “Puppet” Problem

I am responding to a letter that appeared in the January 19, 2012 issue of the Macon County News. The letter was written by Dr. Ed Morris, wherein he unveiled a startling set of facts that should have been published in our local newspapers before the last election. Dr. Morris implies that the news reporters should have had this information “in hand”, but didn’t act on it.

In my opinion, newspapers are the most essential form of raising public awareness. Ink on paper lasts for ages. A radio news report is dissipated in the wind. TV news is not much more than a flicker of light.

Dr. Morris chose a lasting form of media by choosing to write a letter in an effort to “be heard”. And as a result, almost every household in Macon County will “hear” it.

I liked Dr. Morris’ “puppet” approach. In 2004, I was pulled into a weave of “puppetry” with a major corporation. There is nothing more humiliating than trying to communicate with people who have had their brains siphoned out. I wrote to (then) Senator Snow concerning my “puppet” problem. He promptly answered my letter and included a copy of a letter he had written to my set of “puppets”. Up until this time, no elected, nor appointed officials would respond to my dilemma. But suddenly, the corporate “puppet master” came out of hiding and offered to “buy me off”. I said “no” because I had other plans for them. The Library of Congress and the U.S. Copyright Office have copies of those plans.

I voted for John Snow in the last election, and I will vote for him again. I have never met him in a formal setting, but I have seen his work in a courtroom serving as a judge. I also saw his “work” when I wrote to him on behalf of a relative in regard to a serious problem he was having with his employer. His response was immediate via a telephone call to the relative.

John Snow is logical. He is honest. He is forthright. And acting as a state senator, I know (from experience) that he will directly respond to concerns of “the people”. If the citizens of Macon county want a “real person” to serve as state senator, vote for John Snow. While he was our state senator, the world “felt” a little safer with him watching over us, And we want that “feeling” back.

Paula White — Franklin, NC


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