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Opinion Letters 79 Years Watching the Trashing of the Constitution

I currently own three homes in Macon County all occupied by family members. I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with our federal government and local government procrastinating and not making decisions. Postponing everything for the next electorate or your children is not the way to run a government, day-to-day decisions should be made by the local government.

In my 79 years on this earth I have watched creeping socialism and is now our Army. Roadblocks to see your papers without probable cause. Citizens in the Northeast should not be able to regulate citizens in North Carolina and Colorado what to put in their pickup trucks and how to regulate their firearms. A free man does not have to have permission to own a gun. We should build our own fire stations, police stations, and schools with the tax money that we collect, not to send it to Washington for them to redistribute in the form of pork.

Dont get me wrong, I do not advocate anarchy. There is a role for government to make sure your food and water are not poisoned and your neighbor does not poison your drinking water. We have all of those plus we have building codes so your house doesn’t burn down or blow away. So why is it unreasonable to pass a steep slope ordinance that would prevent some idiot from digging out the property above your house that has the possibility

of sliding down and killing everybody in your house. My understanding of the ordinance does not prevent you from building anywhere only stipulation is you must get an engineering study so a disaster doesn’t happen. I own such a house my son and granddaughter live in. Maybe some of the County commisioners should be in the same boat. Real Estate people will sell a piece of property over a sinkhole knowingly. We have to rely on the County commission to protect us from our own ignorance.

I would like to see this ordinance an issue in the next county election. As Thomas Jefferson said “ All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”

Jim Douglas — Franklin


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