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Opinion Letters A Bad Sign

Thank you for your extensive coverage by Tax Assessor Richard Lightner as to why the Macon County Board should delay the revaluation of the county property until 2015 (your eight year cycle), which they did for valid reasons. It made me realize Jackson County’s board must be subverting the N.C. tax laws with a 2013 revaluation agenda, instead of an eight year cycle of 2016, which they were!

With public records providing a paper trail, speaking out at their board meetings, letters to the editor, Sylva Herald, and holding up a sign over and over that said “Jackson County’s commissioners postpone county revaluation to 2016”. Don’t rob over 38,000 citizens to fund your budget of over 58.1 million while lowering taxes for your political base Cashiers/Glenville area. They knew a 2013 revaluation would do just that!

In January of 2012 the County Board (under public scrutiny) had to throw in the towel for 2016. They put on a dog and pony show for the Sylva Herald by having Tax Assessor McMahan in for a power point tax presentation as if it was the first time they had heard it. Documents show concealment by board as follows:

Feb.21, 2011: Briefed by Tax Assesor McMahan for a 2015 date because of less than 800 pieces of property comparisons and taxes being raised on 81 percent of the County; County Manager Wooten carried the full message of law suits, etc., to the commissioners, who voted, unanimously to revalue in 2015. March 21, 2011, Chairman Debnam and Vice Chairman Cody motioned to rescind in the 2015 resolution; then ramming through a resolution seconded by Commissioner Elders to proceed with a 2013 revaluation. From March of 2011 until Jan.5, 2012 (10 months), the County Board pursued subverting the tax laws to rob the poorer to enrich the wealthier. Documents prove it.

Jan. 17, 2012: To prevent me from telling other things I know (by holding a sign as people come in and out); County Counsel said it was against the law but refused to cite the law for me and 10 other people. N.C. press Attorneys Martin and Tadych upheld my rights to hold up a sign as Constitutional Free Speech. I petitioned the board to prove Constitutional Law to abrogate free speech, signs, etc., recognized by the Supreme Court. Instead, on Feb.6, 2012, a “Resolution Sign Prohibition” was enacted, whereas the Board finds that the “display of signs during open meetings is disruptive to the conduct of business”, etc.,etc.,etc.; and ends up with a person who disrupts and does not leave the meting is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor. If I hold up a sign telling more truths on the Board and the County Counsel; I can be forced by the Sheriff to leave, and I am guilty of an unlawful act.

While the Board and Counsel Jay Coward have refused to prove Constitutional Law that I have no 1st or 14th Amendment Rights to free speech and equality under the law. These issues affect over 42,000 Jackson County citizens and the State of North Carolina.

Marie Leatherwood – Dillsboro, NC


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