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Opinion Letters The Alluring Deception

If our world were to be totally evil, with no evidence of good, the there would be no God. But if the world were to be all good, with a total absence of evil, then there would be only God. This good was bridged by our creator wanting a relationship of genuine love for us, and us towards Him. When He created us with a free will to choose, this was truly an act of love on His part, for you cannot know love unless you are given the free will to choose or reject it. Did the one you love force you to love him or her? Certainly not, true love can only be known if it’s ‘freely’ given and accepted.

If it was any other way, God could not be known as a God of ‘Love’. We would be no more than objects with no mind of our own. So when given this free will we have started off into a world of both good and evil. The good as in God and His image set within us and the evil chosen by man, that is also within us. As part of His image within us, is the ‘moral’ component which makes for individuals working to be upright, trust worthy whether you believe in the creator or not...

The great masquerade has played havoc of everything which is the opposite of good and has deceived us all in making us believe that man and his/her abilities are all there is and will be. Since the early beginning we’ve believed we are the ones with the highest knowledge and intellect, and there is nothing greater than ourselves, and this is part of atheist ‘Richard Hawkins” thinking in his book, ‘The Selfish Gene’.

Within our modern western culture we want to discredit and abolish any influence of God, for the culture that puts credit only in man and themselves is governed by the whims of thinking that has failed at most every turn. It seems strange with all our advancements and intellect we still have people to govern over us. Evil shows itself so clearly, and it shows up in the bankruptcy of man’s attempts to deal with it. We look for justice but justice seems hidden from us. Human authority decides in right and wrong, only to change it’s mind again as we evolve. And if we have evolved, why are we not any better than this, or maybe we’ve hit the end of the evolutionary wall?

The alluring of the enlightenment Era the put its hope in man and knowledge has bewildered many, because within all the advancements of modern man, this past century has spilled more blood than all the past centuries combined, but yet the deception continues, and we continue to believe only in ourselves?

Deni Shepard — Franklin, NC


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