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Opinion Letters Trayvon just went too far!

Norman Hoffman has his facts wrong about the Trayvon shooting. Based on my experience in teaching the pistol carry permit classes here in the use of deadly physical force, and what I read in the news, and my experience as an NYPD Detective, here is my opinion on what happened. Zimmerman had a legal right to be where he was. He wasn’t on a hunt but was out to observe and report. There is no obligation to comply with a 911 operators suggestion not to follow someone. At the entrance to the community there is a sign that says the neighborhood watch is on patrol and that the police will be called. What the press didn’t tell you is that the neighborhood had eight break-ins by young black men in the last fourteen months. All the residents felt threatened.

Trayvon spoke to his girlfriend on the phone about how annoyed he was that Zimmerman was following him. She will never tell us the truth about what Trayvon really said in his moment of bravado. But we do know that Trayvon decided to beat the living **** out of Zimmerman. He beat him with his fists to the ground. I believe he wanted to knock him out so he wouldn’t be able to call the police or follow him home. When he couldn’t knock him out he took Zimmerman’s head and smashed it against the concrete in an attempt to render him unconscious. This was witnessed! And this is when Trayvon used deadly physical force and Zimmerman was forced to terminate the attack. Zimmerman didn’t pull his pistol until the end.

Now they assigned a bulldog prosecutor to go after Zimmerman and she will certainly prosecute him no matter what. People who see the photo of the nice young Trayvon are calling for blood and she was sent by the State to give it to them. Even the far left liberal Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz sees a legal injustice here and he calls Zimmerman’s arrest unjust and unethical. It is the unnecessary use of legal force against Zimmerman. An unbiased jury will never find him guilty. It was just a terribly unfortunate incident.

If Zimmerman had attended my carry permit class he would have had a potent type of pepper spray with him, that contains CS tear gas. It would have disabled Trayvon at the first punch, and it would not be using deadly physical force as the spray cannot kill anyone. This case illustrates why everyone should have this spray in their car. I have had to use it three times in the last six years myself as I had no pistol with me at the time. Hardly anyone ever carries a pistol in this area, just too many restrictions. You can get this special pepper spray containing CS gas at Buck Ledbetter’s shop on Wallace Branch off Old Murphy Rd. or at Bennett’s gun shop on Depot Rd. behind Hot Spot.

Jim Sottile — Franklin, NC

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