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Opinion Letters Why I'm not a Democrat - or a Republican

Ed Morris (Macon County Democratic Party Chair - April 26) offers the expected slanted view that Democrats are good, Republicans are bad, implying that if we just elect more Democrats all will be well in River City. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Our children deserve more than to have one party demonized and the other glorified. Mr. Morris and I view the American scene very differently.

It occurred to me many years ago that words mean all things to all people. Where Mr. Morris sees a “safety net,” I see a web of entrapment which has lured four (possibly five) generations into a lifetime of poverty and suppression. Government programs don't just help people in need, they create a lifestyle enticing millions of Americans into a trap.

To stand for women's rights is commendable, but not at the expense of men's rights. Common sense dictates we cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. Placing a higher value on gender, or race, than competence and ability was a mistake in the beginning and is disastrously wrong-headed today. To achieve diversity, you must lower the standards.

That's a recipe for disaster.

There are two things Americans must recognize. The first is that neither party can produce what it promises. Contrary to what Mr. Morris attributes to the Democratic Party, there is no such thing as affordable health care in America, our public education system is a colossal mess, opportunities for poor and middle class citizens are in a state of perpetual decline and in contrast to the positive Democrats’ “vision,” my three children, five grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren will inherit a gargantuan debt, compliments of both major parties.

Secondly, the opposing ideological views of these two parties have polarized our political system beyond the prospect of repair. Our government is hopelessly paralyzed, corrupt to its core, and no longer capable of governing. Corporations put profit above people and politicians have decided the richest 1% deserve tax breaks and preferential treatment while the rest of us pay the unbalanced tax burdens and are forced to live on less and less.

It comes down to something that used to be known as “trust.” Poll after poll reveals only 10-15% of Americans trust their leaders to do the right thing. That makes sense once we realize (and accept) that far too much wealth and power belongs to too few people and that free and fair elections are impossible because politicians depend on a handful of billionaires to get elected.

As Professor Philip Meyer (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill) recently stated, “The stability of any democracy depends on its legitimacy, a general sense that the system is fair.”

This is where we have gone terribly awry in America. In supporting the Democrat and Republican parties unconditionally, we risk losing our freedom and our future.

David L. Snell — Dillsboro, N.C.


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