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Opinion Letters Nepotism alive and well in Macon County

Macon County’s middle name should be named Nepotism County. Kim, your letter to Macon News about the good old guys in Macon County was on the money but, Kim, where have you been?

Every job in the county that is available is usually filled even before the job search ad is printed and usually when the appointment is announced in our local papers. It starts out “Joe Blow has been hired for such and such a job and is a native of Macon County.” If you think I am wrong, check the local papers out. Wake up, Kim. Qualifications mean nothing in Macon County, who your uncle is, what counts.

Recently many many veterans in Macon were saddened when Jim Dubose our veteran counselor retired and we then thought we had the perfect replacement. A female disabled veteran with 15 years experience doing the same job of VA counselor in a nearby community who is a resident of Otto in Macon County. She also applied and was recommended by several veterans organizations in our area but, guess what, the job was filled before the ad hit the newspapers. She never got a call or an interview. The native good ol’ boys won again. Isn’t that right Mr. County Manager? So Kim, do like a lot of half backs, not a native and a part timer. We never spend a dime in Macon County, try Clayton they love our non-native’s money and they even smile.

P.S. Kim, you’ll be told if you don’t like it move back, but stay, we will outlast the good old boys and win. Our time is coming. Stay tuned to November.

A happy half-back,

William Trapani — Franklin, N.C.


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