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Opinion Letters Mound Gate a relief from heat and humidity

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Franklin Board of Aldermen, especially the legendary Franklin grump, Mr. Curtis, Mr. Greenwood, Teflon King and the local news media for the wonderful break from the oppressive humidity and heat by bringing us Mound Gate.

What I most enjoy is our town leaders, who worship at the Shrine of China, Wal-Mart, notorious destroyer of American jobs, shipper of American money to China, and evader of American taxes, will not pick up the phone to make a courtesy call to the leaders of a sovereign nation not 50 miles down the road from Franklin. One simple phone call to Cherokee's leaders, our neighbors, who are creating hundreds of jobs in WNC, to talk about a change in the maintenance management of the Nikwasi mound an obvious treasure to the Cherokee and Franklin. But then if someone at Town Central had been simply courteous, not to mention smart, we would not have the joy of Mound Gate.

The Mound Gate comedy script continues with the censureship of the Mayor for doing his job as mayor. I agree with Bob Scott. I would want this bunch, led by Mr. Grump, to censure me too for being courteous and diplomatic.

The mystery of this comedy remains: How did Mr. Greenwood dodge the Mound Gate bullet. Mr. Greenwood, the King of Teflon, managed to go over the heads of the Town Board and the Mound committee to single handedly insult a sovereign nation, order the spraying of a noxious and dangerous chemical on a public facility, an act that would land any gas station operator in jail subject to the wrath of the EPA, split the Town Board and totally escape any reprimand from officials or notice by the media. Mr. Greenwood Be-Duh-Man.

I am almost positive the local media writes weekly thank you notes to Mr. Greenwood. My thanks, too, for Mound Gate.

Will Likker Gate be as much fun? Stay tuned ...

J.B. Tilson — Dillard, Ga.


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