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Opinion Letters Many modern advancements due to Jewish people

I was saddened to see a letter from David Snell filled with anti-semitism.

The fact is that the hatred Palestinians feel for the Jews is because the Jews came along and turned an otherwise desert area into a productive and creative country responsible for many inventions and productivity. The last I heard the Jewish people had some 32 Nobel Prizes and none for the Palestinians. Many of the things we take for granted are due to the Jewish people ranging from science to medical equipment. Again, nothing from the Palestinians.

Taking up less than 1 percent of the land, Israel has never tried to conquer any other nation and they don’t threaten anyone with their nukes as Iran will soon be doing. Muslim nations believe it is their duty to convert the entire world to Islam and are willing to die to accomplish that goal. The Palestinians had the land for a long time and did nothing with it, in fact they don’t even have a common language of their own, having migrated to Palestine from other Muslim countries.

The Palestinian hatred of Israel is in reality nothing more than jealousy and a recognition of their own failures. But, their Mullahs and politicians prey on the ignorant and continue to threaten Israel and Mr. Snell seems to go along with that.

Israel is a beacon to democracy and civilization at a time when the Muslim world is at least 400 years behind. The Palestinians could learn a lot from Israel but prefer to send their kids out to get killed and blow themselves up.

Bob Wilson — Franklin, N.C.


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