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Opinion Letters Are we really this stupid?

American politics will not change until there is a realization that the middle class is being manipulated by the super smart/super rich people (the one percent) mostly through the Republican Party.

Capitalism without compassion is a self destructive force and when it reaches the tipping point where too much money lies in the hands of too few people (like now), then the corruption of truth becomes the rule of the day.

Government regulations do not appear out of thin air, they are a result of the damages done to our environment, our health and our security by those whose main interest is short term profits. These bad apples spoil the crop but if we don’t create regulations then kiss this country goodbye because the interests of the super rich is not about abortion, gay people, illegal immigration or guns. It is about their getting more money and control. The rest is emotional rhetoric to win votes.

If we let Wall Street run America, we all lose. America is at a cross roads, the super pacs, the emotional ideologies, the rock throwing, the huge soaring debt, the hate mongering, the lack of jobs, the excessive greed, the arrogance and the division of our country are all signs that we are self destructing.

Interest rates are below one percent for 10-year Treasury bond because our so called leaders in congress (controlled by the corporations) have created so much debt that we can’t afford to have higher interest rates. Secondly, there is a theory that low interest creates more investments and hence more jobs as a side benefit. But if 70 percent of our gross national product spending comes from the private sector and we the citizens have no excess money to spend because of the greed of Wall Street causing this huge recession, what business is going to invest?

The Chinese do long range central planning, not short term stock option type planning. China is buying gold by the train load.Why? They know that the U.S. dollar is about to collapse as an international trading currency and if they have more gold behind their currency then the USA, then they can become the global economic power house. China’s debt to GNP is 11 percent. The USA has 72 percent.

So how do we react? We focus on our religious intolerance, create stalemates and ship many of our jobs over seas because all our leaders seems to care about is making money without the compassion or concern for the future of America and its middle class.

When the European partnership collapses, and it will, the U.S.A. will follow because we are not addressing the real issues. The super rich need to stop playing psychological mind games to gain your vote while the Democrats need to realize that they cannot continue to give out entitlements to try and take care of the people hurt by the carnage created by the greed of the one percent. America is broke, plain and simple. Sure the Federal Reserve can continue to print fake money to buy more time but it’s like giving oxygen to a person dying of lung cancer, it keeps them artificially alive but it does not solve their real problem.

If you want to see how bad our country is, go to this web site:

Any business that had 23 times more debt then income would have declared bankruptcy a long time ago yet our congress does nothing. They all should be fired and we certainly need to think twice about voting for a man like Mitt Romney for president who lives in theWall Street World of the one percent for he will only be an instrument for the super rich. We need to prohibit corporate lobbyists, put term limits on our congress and prevent any member of congress or the senate from running for re-election if they don’t vote for a balanced budget.

Let’s start telling the American people the truth. We are a broke nation and need to restore the tax and spending structure prior to George Bush’s presidency when we had a balanced budget if we want to save this country from an economic collapse or Communist China will surely kick our butts over the long run.

We can be stupid and ignore the truth but don’t blame the other political party. Blame yourself. God cannot bless a nation built on greed, hypocrisy and ignorance.

Larry Stenger — Franklin, N.C.

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