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Opinion Letters Can we survive the Romney/Ryan budget?

The impending election and how we vote will change the lives of not only the current seniors, the disabled but the workers within a few years of retirement. Not only are the so called entitlement programs (Social Security, Medicare on The Republican adopted budget authored by Paul Ryan, but humane programs such as Medicaid, food stamps, etc. for the poorest. Such as North Carolina's children (Statistically, 40% at poverty level) are on the chopping block. The Ryan budget backed by the Republican Tea Partyist Coalition plan to reduce the U.S. trillions deficit off the backs of the middle class and not quite middle working citizens. Jackson County middle class is the low $30's with 7,000 or more uninsured for health care.

Do you believe with a world wide recession dating back to 2006 or earlier, which includes the U.S. Romney and the Republicans lies about creating many jobs and a roaring economy? Do you believe as seniors you can get adequate health care from the Ryan budget with a limited annual voucher system and no government oversight to keep corporations from robbing you blind? Do you believe, as seniors, without adequate care your family is financially able to provide for you? The question is: Can you survive? and vote as your weapon against a party who plans to take from you what you have worked for?

Thanks to President Obama and the Democratic Party, nationally we are moving forward (Slowly, due to a world wide recession of years) in job sources.

The war on women continues. Good Mormon Mitt Romney and good Catholic Paul Ryan with the Republican leadership have a concealed plan (recently media exposed) for a constitutional amendment called "The Right to Life". This radical amendment would force women to bear children of a rapist who may be criminally insane, mentally ill, genetically diseased, a case of incest. These radical republicans plan to use the powers of their office, if elected to criminalize and punish any woman who refuses to bear a rapists child. This is a deliberate attempt to destroy women's rights whether she is married or single and the right of her family. Remember Ann Romney said, "he will not fail you" and "We love you women" - "We love you!"

Marie Leatherwood — Sylva, N.C.

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